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初めての日本酒は田酒The third drink: mandarin oranges from LIBROM Craft Sake Brewery. Craft Sake. (๑-̀ㅁ-́́ฅ✨ This is the same brewery where I bought and enjoyed another one at the "Young Dawn 2023 Saitama" event held in Saitama Shin-Toshin! It was the last of the bottles left that day, so it was a very dark mikan. All you can drink, looking back, I'm tasting from the sweet and unique ones, are you okay?
初めての日本酒は田酒I was lucky enough to buy this at the end of the year. Miyamanishiki. It has a fruity aroma and a bit of bitterness. It has a fruity aroma and a little bitterness. Delicious. But it's a bit lacking? I think it was better when I drank last season's Yamadanishiki 😆. My coworker at work said she'd never had Hana-yosuyu, so I'll put it in a small bottle of 300 and share it with her...
Azumaichi山田錦 純米酒 精米64%純米
初めての日本酒は田酒For the record. I bought this at a liquor store I drove an hour to when PayPay was 30% back in the prefecture. I bought it because I had seen it in a magazine before, so I didn't know it was suitable for warming sake. When I drank it cold, it had a strong bitter taste, but when I tried heating it up, it was delicious. ♥️ I'm going to compare the rest of them later 🍀*! (I'll try to drink the rest later 🍀*.
初めての日本酒は田酒Oh, and in the back is a handmade ¡Èhomemade¡É pizzeria.
初めての日本酒は田酒I wanted to try it once, Saku. So, after much hesitation, I bought a bottle of Hiyayogoshi and left it until now (laugh). My impression was that it was easy to drink like water. It is not too frizzy, and since it is hiyaoroshi, it has a calm taste (not too thick), and goes well with food🍀*! It's too good to drink it in one go, so I'll keep a little bit of 1 goshu and drink it later.
Rafa papaGood morning to you 😃. I didn't know it was your first time to drink Saku 😁Saku is another classic sake that is very easy to drink and delicious 👍I haven't had it for a while so I wanted to drink it 😋.
初めての日本酒は田酒Rafa papa, Sorry for the delay in replying to your comment. I just finished drinking Zakk 😊Oh, I see. I'll try the standard one next time🍀*.
Rafa papa👍👍👍
初めての日本酒は田酒Since the New Year started yesterday, we enjoyed it with New Year's dishes such as simmered dishes and black soybeans. The aroma was mild, but gorgeous, just like a ginjo-shu. It was smooth on the palate. I opened a new sake at the same time, but this one had a strong bitter aftertaste, but the NewYear one is really easy to drink✌😚. I wanted to let it sit for a bit, so I held off halfway through and put it back in the fridge 😖. I'll try it on the next three weekends 𝐧𝐞𝐱𝐭... 🧸𓈒 𓏸 Oh, I am late in greeting you. I wish you all a very Happy New Year!
Denshunewyear ボトル 2024純米吟醸生酒
初めての日本酒は田酒I got it safe and sound 😚. Delicious sake from Cho~ichiryu! I'll drink it at the beginning of the year 🍶. I'm going to open it with another one........
sugiMy First Sake was Tasake Good evening. For those of you who guessed Tasake, I'd like to do this one for the New Year. It's in the fridge for me too 😊.
初めての日本酒は田酒Good evening, SUGI, and thank you for your comment! And congratulations on getting the zodiac bottle 🎉I took today off work for this 🎉I'm the New Year's man so I was really into it this year🤣.
初めての日本酒は田酒I bought it in early fall and it was sleeping in Lemacom. I had it with a maitake mushroom pizza and a mentaiko mayonnaise pizza (both homemade) 😁. I'm so glad I bought it. The best cospa 😊Kido for the first time in a long time. A slight bitterness in the aroma. Delicious 😋.