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Suginishiki生酛純米 中取り原酒純米生酛原酒中取り
ぽんSugii Shuzo Suginishiki: Junmai Nakadori Harazake (pure rice with a fresh yeast base) This brewery is located in Fujieda City, Shizuoka Prefecture. The rice is polished to 60% Yamadanishiki grown in Shizuoka Prefecture. This sake is a single filtered, single shot fire-quenched Nakadori sake. It has a mild aroma and deep rice flavor and acidity that is typical of a sake brewer's sake. It has a mild aroma, deep rice flavor and acidity. Enjoy it cold or warmed. #Nihon-shu
miya0428Today. I bought a bottle of Suginishiki Yamahai Junmai at a liquor store in Shizuoka Prefecture last year! Suginishiki Yamahai Junmai The aroma is mild. The taste is lactic acid like Yamahai. The aftertaste is full and delicious!
きゃびあんぬ. Sake rice: Domestic rice Rice polishing ratio: 55 Yeast: Shizuoka yeast Sake degree: +7 Acidity: 1.5 Alcohol content: 15.8 At a tavern in a hotel during a solo trip to Izu. The weight and depth of this sake are very austere, and it has a nice flavor that reads the atmosphere.
和服好きI heard that when white koji is used, citric acid is secreted and the sake mother becomes acidic. Does that mean we don't need to add lactic acid bacteria? Hey, this is Yamahai! I was so impressed with this sake that I connected with it. LOL! What's more! No additive yeast...! Created by the wild yeast that lives in the brewery. It's a sake full of individuality 😆. It is a delicious sake with a light acidity and a slight bitterness. It is a delicious sake with a light acidity and a slight bitterness. It went great with chicken liver marinated in tamari soy sauce 😂. I asked the store owner for a recommendation for heated sake and he offered me this "Edono-Akizake" 🙏. They offered me this "Edonoakizake" 🙏.
Suginishiki玉栄 山廃純米酒純米山廃
じゅんさんIt's the season for hot sake. Shiga's Sugi Nishiki, Tamae Yamahai Junmai Sake degree +13 Acidity 1.6 Alcohol content 15.5 Rice: 100% Tamakae from Shiga Prefecture Rice polishing ratio 65% (only the rice used for the 720ml sake is 70%, all other rice is 65%) Yeast used: Kyokai No. 701 Chabujinshi
Tokiko TakahashiRoom temperature Aroma: Earthy, with hints of mirin (sweet sake) and a little bit of Shaoxing wine. Taste: Mild on the palate, but gradually becomes dry, with a sharp finish. The aftertaste is very dry, but there is a hint of rum raisin. 40℃: The aroma is slightly alcoholic, the taste is mellower on the palate, and the acidity is a little stronger. →This is a good temperature for meat stews such as beef stew. 50℃: The mildness on the palate remains, but the mildness changes to a pungent impression that lingers on the tongue. 60°C: The aroma is almost gone, the dryness stands out, and the taste changes to a crisp one.