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八海山のあれこれを常飲しております。辛口専門。 ワインエキスパート持ちですが、最近、もともと好きだった日本酒の深さに気づいてしまい、一人ワインバーからの角打ちコースを開拓中。 なお、ちょうど日本酒の美味しさに目覚めた頃から順調に体重増加していることに半年たってようやく気づきまして、夜はご飯抜いてお酒に照準合わせることにいたしました。

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あさみ100% Koshitanrei Polishing ratio 50%, 17%. GW is a Niigata festival. This sake is not sharp, which is characteristic of Niigata sake, but has a sweet and umami taste. It goes well with rice cooked with kyarabuki and warabi!
Koshiji no Kobai純米原酒無濾過
あさみA gentle aroma that also has a delicious flavor. It goes well with spring wild vegetables and is mutually respectful between them. Until now, I have consciously avoided pink labels. You see, I thought in vain that if I made it pink, I might easily think that it would attract more women and so on. But it was delicious even in pink. I'm sorry. I was right to trust the liquor store's recommendation. I must get rid of strange preconceptions.
あさみThis was the first Shinsei I got by chance. I had not had a chance to meet him, so I was wondering when I would be able to see him again. I was wondering when I would have a chance to meet him, but he walked up to me and said, "I bought it myself. I really like the fact that sake, just because it is highly acclaimed by the public, does not mean that it will become my favorite sake. With wine, the bottle that everyone praises is often a sure bet. When I think about it, the depth and breadth of sake, the parts that may or may not be to everyone's taste, the eight million points of individuality, the overall picture that seems to be graspable but is not... I guess it all gets swamped. It is frightening. As I have said many times, is this a good price for a bottle of wine? Don't buy a 3,000 yen bottle of wine, try a bottle of sake. You can feel its heart! I want to say this out loud. I am prepared to sink into this swamp for a while.
ジェイ&ノビィGood evening, Asami 😃. Congrats on your first new political 🎉. Because you can feel the heart! That's a great word 👍. We have different tastes and preferences, but that's what makes it so interesting and addicting 😊.
あさみThank you for your comment, Jay & Nobby 😊You and your husband have different tastes, don't you? That's deep. We have one sake lover in the we try our best to casually hide the ever-increasing amount of sake in the fridge with vegetables!
あさみ100% Yamadaho 75 This is a solid junmai sake! Delicious. It has a lot of umami. I always think that if I were to find a wine with this depth of flavor, it would easily exceed 5,000 yen, right? I really appreciate the sake breweries. Today, I found both the instrument and Kamonishiki at a liquor store on my way out, and my hands were almost torn off, but it was worth the effort...
あさみOtters are said to be delicious by everyone. I had never dared to look for it myself, but it was available at Isetan Kyoto, so I went with Tsujidome-san's bento. Yes, it is indeed delicious. I can see why everyone loves it. But I had imagined it to be a little more pointy and less flirtatious, so I was a little surprised. It's like this? I felt a little let down. I was thinking that thanks to Otters, the overall level of each sake brewery has improved.......and the dinner was still somehow great.
あさみAfter I bought it, I realized it was a medium-bodied, and even though I felt like I had made a bit of a mistake - Osaka, I thought - the slight gassy feeling was soothing. It's certainly not dry, but it's not undrinkable. But it's not undrinkable, and probably within my upper limit of tolerance. I'd like it to be more refreshing with a meal, but this one is nice and snackable.
Glorious Mt.Fuji仙龍 無濾過生原酒純米吟醸
あさみ1600 Stores
あさみThere is a pleasant gassy feeling immediately after opening the bottle. When the gas is gone, the flavor and richness are good. It is enjoyable even without snacks.