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Sake Rankings for Ishikawa

The rankings are updated on the 1st of every month. They are based on a proprietary algorithm that calculates scores using the number of favorites, hall of fame entries, and recent check-ins.


# 5
4.02 pt.
Sogen1,701 check-ins
Sogen 1Sogen 2Sogen 3
# 6
4.01 pt.
Kagatobi2,194 check-ins
Kagatobi 1Kagatobi 2Kagatobi 3
# 7
4.01 pt.
Yuho1,384 check-ins
Yuho 1Yuho 2Yuho 3
# 9
4.01 pt.
Okunoto no shiragiku784 check-ins
Okunoto no shiragiku 1Okunoto no shiragiku 2Okunoto no shiragiku 3