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Tengumai能登の復興応援 つなぐ石川の酒 山廃特別純米酒
Alcoholicity 15, Sake degree +2, Acidity 2.3, Rice polishing 60 Physical condition: - Triple punch of nasal congestion, pollen and sluggishness WEEK... Rice: Gohyakumangoku, Yamadanishiki #Opened first day #Cool and cold I left the price tag label on... lol The price tag was left on the yen per bottle from the sales proceeds is given back to Ishikawa Prefecture and the breweries affected by the disaster. I've been looking for a sake to support the recovery! I'm so glad I got it! I left it at room temperature for about a month at home, then cooled it down and had it when the temperature had calmed down a bit! I wonder if this is what you call a full-bodied aroma. I guess this is what I call a full-bodied aroma! I was drinking it slowly in a plastic cup outside, and I got the impression that as time passed and the temperature started to rise, the flavor increased. I drank it with pizza, pickles, sausage, etc., and it didn't seem to be overpowered by the strong flavors of the food. I wonder if it tastes like rice. It had an elegant sweetness and umami taste with a touch of acidity. I drank it in gulps, but I should have warmed it up... I feel like I regret this every time...
It's a day when I have to leave work on time, so today I went to FUKU NO TORI in Iidabashi. I should start gathering people for the end-of-month gathering. Today's sake was Tengumai Koku-Label Yamahai Junmai. It has a thick flavor typical of Yamahai, but with a clean aftertaste, it is relatively easy to drink and has a nice mouthfeel. However, there was not enough to fill the glass.
Tengumai能登 初桜
I purchased this bottle to support the Noto Peninsula earthquake recovery efforts. It has a strong flavor with a rum-like aroma at first. It is a modern classic, and goes well with white liver and pork belly sashimi, etc. It is very tasty.
Tengumai能登 初桜
Kurumata Shuzo, Hakusan City, Ishikawa Prefecture Noto Peninsula Earthquake Sake Brewery Reconstruction Support Sake Noto Hatsusakura + Tengumai This is a blend of Noto Hatsusakura Honjozo and Tengumai, which miraculously survived at Sakurada Sake Brewery in Noto. The situation must be really tough, but we hope that both the local people and the brewery will not give up and will do their best. I pray that we will be able to taste the original Hatsuzakura again.
Tengumai純米大吟醸50 生酒純米大吟醸生酒
Cool & gorgeous Sweetness and umami, good aftertaste Basis of Tengu Mai Tengu Mai's It's a gentle modern type of Tengu Mai.
Tengumai能登 初桜
This sake is a reconstruction support sake from a Noto sake brewery. It is a blend of miraculously leftover Noto Hatsusakura Honjozo and Tengumai, a sake with a rich flavor and a clear aftertaste that leans toward the classic style. We sincerely hope for the recovery of Noto's sake breweries, as the disaster area is also a region where sake brewing is flourishing.