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Tedorigawa純米吟醸 生原酒 シャキッと辛口
ヒラッチョSlightly effervescent, fresh, crisp and dry👍 Tedorigawa has enough flavor to be drunk on its own, yet is fresh and can be paired with a wide range of meals. A good sake. Today, I had a curry with pork cutlet at Shinjuku Sanchome, which I was curious about, for lunch, and then went to Jingu Stadium to watch the Rokugaku baseball game: ⚾️ In the past, the final episode of the NHK historical drama "Takeda Shingen" ended with the "Battle of Tedorigawa" where Lord Uesugi Kenshin won a great victory over the Oda forces. You can find it on YouTube by searching for "Takeda Shingen: The Last Episode", Kenshin (Kyouhei Shibata) prays to Bishamonten and finally Bishamonten gets on him. 😅 The last episode ends with the battle of Tedorigawa, Shingen and Kenshin are still the strongest in the Warring States period. I am impressed that it ends with the feeling that Shingen and Kenshin are the strongest in the Warring States period.
𝕐𝕦𝕜𝕚 ʚ♡ɞTetorigawa is the name of Ishikawa. Refreshing, fresh, and free of any unpleasant taste. And yet it's not too spicy and easy to drink 🍶. As cool as the Nishichaya Street we visited for sightseeing ✨🎐🎐. Polishing ratio: 50%. Sake degree: +1 Acidity: 1.3 Alcohol content: 15.5
Tedorigawa能登の復興応援 つなぐ石川の酒大吟醸原酒
タカヒコI found Tedorigawa labeled to support Noto's recovery and bought it 🍶. I was told that this bottle will donate 100 yen each to Ishikawa Prefecture and the Ishikawa Federation of Sake Brewers Associations! I know the road to recovery is still long, but I pray for the earliest possible recovery 🙇. Now for the sake🍀. From a moderate sweetness to a mineral flavor with a hint of sourness and just the right amount of bitterness. It is refreshing and easy to drink🌸 Delicious 🤓.