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haruFresh and fruity, but not too sweet! But not too sweet. Very tasty 🤤. Even my father, who usually only drinks shochu, thought it was delicious and drank it easily. Yoshida Kurau is really delicious and easy to drink 🍶.
Yoshidagura u石川門 生酒生酒
もよもよThis is Yoshida Kurau's raw sake, but I think it used to have a black label. Was there a renewal? With the catchphrase "Modern Yamahai", I expect it will feature a complex flavor. When I drank it, I found it to be a slightly carbonated, not too sweet and refreshing sake. It is fruity but not too acidic. It is sweet, so I think the closest it comes to a slightly banana with a sour taste. I think it is a liquor that falls into the category of being quite easy to drink. I think it would go well with white sauce or other dishes with a slightly strong flavor. It is a very high quality sake, and it is hard to believe that this is Yamahai. It is a new age Yamahai.
Yoshidagura u石川門 テロワール 山廃純米山廃原酒生酒
あるでばNotes (see online information) Left: Founded in 1876. Yoshida Sake Brewery, which aims to produce high quality, high grade sake and pursues sake for sake lovers on a daily basis, has created the Yoshida Kurau series based on the concept of "natural and gentle sake that accompanies food, people, and nature. The core of this series of modern Yamahai, Terroir, and under 13% alcohol (undiluted) will be "Ishigawamon" and "Gohyakumangoku". The "Shiboritate Nama Sake" is released only in winter and spring in the Yoshida Kurau series. This is a super-fresh type of sake that is bottled immediately after pressing and shipped as it is. There may be a thin layer of lees remaining. Slightly sparkling gas and a gentle sweetness. Soft and fresh. Characterized by its freshly pressed flavor and the youthful energy of fermentation. DATA Ingredient rice: Ishikawa-mon Strength: 13%. Rice polishing ratio 60 Sake meter degree --- Acidity ---
Yoshidagura u石川門
KazuLow alcohol content makes it easy to drink! Fresh, refreshing, sweet and slightly sparkling None of the flavors are too strong or mild Just easy to drink
Yoshidagura u百万石乃白
kizensVery good. Aromas of grapefruit, malted rice, rum, cream, chalk, and soda water. Smooth, fine-grained microbubbles. Low alcohol and delicate, yet full-bodied and mellow. Fresh acidity and light flavors are the keynote, but with classic aromas and bitterness. Serve with wakame seaweed, bamboo shoots, cooked ganmono, sesame-dressed tomatoes, or kinpira. Extremely unique and complex. I like the watery margin, the unique taste stimulation, and the flavor of Tedorigawa River.
Yoshidagura u百万石乃白山廃発泡
YUKII have opened 4 or 5 bottles and each time I have the same impression. Very juicy. Very similar to pink grapefruit sour. It's delicious.
Yoshidagura u山廃にごり酒貴醸酒
さしゅーTomorrow is the vacation season, so the family got together for dinner! So we served Yoshida Kura U's Kijoshu😊This time it looked so good I popped it on the net😅. It exploded in half when I opened it...just a little bit. The aroma is fruity and full of sweetness😊I don't think it's typical of Yamahai. When you drink it, it has sweetness, but the carbonation cuts through it nicely, and the acidity and bitterness are just right! I thought it would be sweet because it is a kijo sake, but it is not, and it has a sharpness to it that makes it easy to drink. I don't feel much of the Yamahai character. This is delicious 😊The flavor made me forget the initial explosion 😄.
ジェイ&ノビィGood morning, Sashu 😃. Drinking dinner before a vacation is a great time 🤗and your family's ‼️ outburst💥 is shocking, but the taste makes you forget it 😋I'm curious about this one that everyone has rated so highly!
さしゅーJay & Nobby Good morning 😄It's great to have a pre-holiday dinner with family (^o^) The outburst was a shock, but the deliciousness made me forget it! I can see why everyone appreciates it so much!
アルスThanks for the help, Sashi. Second fermentation in the bottle is a caution...and I'm shocked that it's half as bad as it sounds 😰.
さしゅーHi Ars, (^o^) I'm really careful about secondary fermentation in the bottle! The moment I tried to take the one around the cap, it overflowed... half of it was my first time and I was disappointed 😅 I'll take this as a lesson!
Yoshidagura u能登応援酒 貴醸酒 ピンク 生生酒貴醸酒
manaYamahai Kijoshu brewed with modern Yamahai sake! Fresh acidity and sweetness. Fresh and refreshing taste. Slight lactic acid nuance.
Yoshidagura u能登応援酒 貴醸酒オレンジ 生酒
ちえのわYoshida Kura u Noto Cheering Sake Kijoshu Orange Nama-shu. The cork blew out when we opened the bottle💦. About 1/3 of the contents 💦. The first rampant sake in a long time☻ It was a kijoshu, but it was like drinking champagne. The fizziness is amazing. I bought it to help support Noto, even if it's only a small contribution.