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ソガペール エ フィスSogga pere et fils
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Sogga pere et fils

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Sogga pere et filsリア サケ ナチュレル生酛原酒生酒
Polishing ratio 70% Alcohol content 16% Miyamanishiki from Nagano Prefecture 100% Nama-sake The aroma is fruity. It has a strong acidity and when you pour it from a magnum bottle into a wine glass, you may be told that it is a white wine, which would not be out of place. I had no idea that this was made from 70% polished rice. It is delicious.
Sogga pere et filsヌメロ アン
Sogapère Ephis Numéroin I thought the aroma was acid & umami type, but the taste is like a sweet white wine! Mellow, smooth and surprisingly gentle on the palate 🥰(I guess the acidity is what leaves the aftertaste?) It is a very rare sake that uses No.1 yeast 🍶🍾🍾I was able to buy 2 bottles of Sogapé this year! I hope to buy more next year: ☺️
Sogga pere et filsリア サケ ナチュレル生酛
To be continued... Sogapère Ephis. As you know, this wine is also delicious. It tastes like a white wine with a refreshing sweetness and acidity. It is crisp and refreshing. It says something about a mixture of yeast from No. 1 to No. 6 and natural fungi, but the text is really small and there is too much information, so I am sorry I can't see it at this time anymore because I am an erudite. I received the flavor well and will buy again. Now, after the shumai in the takoyaki machine, I made takoyaki 🐙. I put cheese and kimchi in the takoyaki and it turned out great, showing the true nature of Kansai people in vain. The trick is more water, tenkasu and green onions 👌 The night view is of the Northern Alps with the city lights of Ina City. It was the day before the Aquarian meteor shower, and we were lucky enough to see a shooting star. I wish you a chance to taste delicious sake x3
HIRO, I'm with you 😃. You continue to have good taste in drinks 🤗. I had a 🐙taco party🌕 the other day at home too and will refer to it next time! I'd love to see shooting stars🌠 in the wonderful starry sky🌌🥹.
Jay & Nobby-san ☺️ I have decided that Sogape and Shinshu Kamerei are a must buy when I find them lol. Tacopa is so exciting and fun 😊. I was so happy when I was quietly looking at the night sky and exclaimed "Ah! I was so happy when I was looking at the night sky quietly and exclaimed "Oh!
Sogga pere et filsリア サケ ナチュレル
Sogapere Efis Lia Sake Naturel Rice: 100% Miyamanishiki produced in Nagano Prefecture Polishing ratio 70%. Alcohol content 16%.
Sogga pere et filsヌメロ アン生酛原酒生酒
Sogga pere et fils Numero Un. It is brewed with Association No. 1 yeast, which was discovered in 1903 and distributed from 1916 to 1935. It has a pleasant gasiness, freshness, and a creamy nuance derived from the yeast's natural yeast, and it has a truly sensual and seductive taste!
Sogga pere et filsRiz à Saké Naturel 2023純米生酛原酒生酒
GW✨ I went home today and had a good time with my dad and siblings 🍶 Rare sake that was sold at a liquor store on a recent trip to Toyama 😆 Obuse sake is not easy to find! I'm not sure if I've ever seen Obuse's sake before. Sake brewed with No. 1-6 yeast and brewer's yeast. It is a Junmai Nama-no-Hashimoto sake. It is not flashy, but all the elements are well balanced without being too much, and the lightness of the sake does not make you feel its 16% alcohol content. A little too much sake for my taste. (←Excuse me!). It is a good sake for a single-handedly made sake. ‼️🤣 They are making it with the same care as they do with wine. By the way, this is a magnum bottle.
Sogga pere et fils純米生酛原酒生酒
I bought a bottle of Las 1 Obuse Winery Sogapeur Ephis at the liquor store and drank it for the first time! And that too in a wine glass! I see! It tastes like wine with a rich sweetness and an added acidity! A sake with a unique taste!
Sogga pere et filsイリヤ ソントン生酛生酒
I want to sleep on the sogape I was able to buy this year 😪 and drink it. But I want to taste it. So I want to know the progress of the sogapé and order some 🍷. I had the first sip. The first aroma is sweet with a hint of acidity like that of a sake yeast yeast yeast. In the mouth, there is a slight bitterness and a moderate sweetness and sourness. It was my first time to drink anything other than normal numero sis, so I was surprised to find out that it was like this 🤔. Compared to numerosis, I felt both sweetness and acidity were stronger. You can also enjoy the change in taste after opening the bottle 😅 says the master. I think I'm going to go to this store. (I already do)
I drank it a week after opening the bottle and it was sweet and tasty 🍷.
Sogga pere et filsイリヤ ソントン
It has sweetness, but it's different from sake. It's clean and has a strong alcohol taste. Strong, but goes well with food. Suddenly delicious! Rice aroma
Sogga pere et filsヌメロ アン
Due to a corona infection, I couldn't go buy it and gave up on the Sogape comp with this numeroan😅. I thought it was time to open the bottle 😊. I'm not used to corking so it was quite a struggle 😆. Took me about 10 minutes 😅. Yeah, it's refreshingly sweet and tasty and gentle. But maybe too sweet if you're eating 🤔. Delicious 😊.