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Kohryu翠 生
辻高広Midori Takasuryu You don't answer right away! It's a complaint! It was Takachiyo's limited edition sake. I've seen it a lot lately! Is it just a regular lineup now? It is a sweet and easy to drink sake. I feel like I can drink as many glasses as I want. ...... I can't drink it.
KankobaiHARU 酒うさぎ
辻高広KANKENBAI HARU Sake Rabbit From a slight sweetness A fresh sourness comes through from the slight sweetness. Sake that is easy to drink. The rabbit on the label is not cute enough. It looks realistic, but it is easy to drink. Would you like to drink it at a cherry blossom viewing party?
Takachiyo59 Takachiyo HANAHUBUKI 純米吟醸
辻高広59 Takachiyo HANAHUBUKI Junmai Ginjo Unfiltered raw sake A light, spring-like sake. The sweetness and umami come lightly, but there is a bitter aftertaste. It seems to be easy to drink, but the aftertaste is a bit lingering. I don't dislike it.
Takachiyo氷点貯蔵 SunRise 扁平精米無濾過生原酒
祐星 ウラなんば店
辻高広Takachiyo Hyoketsu Storage SunRise Flat polished rice, unfiltered, unpasteurized sake It is honestly sweet and delicious. The aftertaste is acidity and bitterness. A sweet and sour sake that can be accepted by many people.
Miyoshikikuシン超辛口がお好きでしょ 無濾過生原酒
祐星 ウラなんば店
辻高広Miyoshikiku Shin super dry sake Off the menu. It is off the menu at the shop. Unique sweetness, or is it sweetness? It is far from dry. And it is not sweet. It is not like Nikki water (I guess people who like Nikki water might be offended by the expression "Nikki water"). It is different from "Nikki water", but it is peculiar sweetness. It is a sweetness that I don't drink much. I wonder how long it has been in the bottle. Sake is interesting, isn't it?
辻高広Ume-no-yado Warm Junmai I can feel the sense of sake in my veins. I don't know what I'm talking about! It has a sweet and umami taste, which is a traditional sake taste. It starts with the traditional sake feeling of sweetness and umami, and goes straight through. I hope you get the idea. There is no bitterness or acidity. Would you say it is the feeling of sake and the ~ is gone? Shouwa ni honshu (hiragana) or rather, the feeling of being "I'm not sure.
辻高広Bamboo Garden Beware of pandas It's not fair. You'd have to ask for this kind of naming. It's refreshing and dry. It will make your meal go faster. If you roll it on your tongue, you can feel the umami and bitterness in spite of the dry taste. and bitterness. Don't be afraid of pandas. but you will have a belly like a panda as you eat. But you need to be warned! Cod milt tempura with more salt You can even taste the sweetness!
辻高広Junmai Ginjo, a sake that speaks of the Japan of tomorrow The naming is not fair. You should ask for it. It doesn't talk about the Japan of tomorrow, but Bitter taste from the dry taste that can be drunk without hesitation. I won't tell you about tomorrow's Japan, but it's usually good during dinner. Eat your fill. The name of the sake attracts people and doesn't interfere with the meal. It is such a sake.
Taiheizanそうげつ 純米酒
辻高広Taiheizan Sougetsu Junmai-shu Clean, dry Junmai-shu It has the feel of a traditional sake. It has more sourness and bitterness than sweetness, so it may not be suitable for young people. It may not be suitable for young people. I don't dislike it.