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Takenosono辛口 パンダ出没注意純米吟醸
Delicious fruity drinks 🍶🍎🍐. It's a beautiful sake without any clutter 🍶✨✨. Very satisfying with just the right amount of alcohol: 👍🏻
Takenosonoパンダ出没注意 超辛口 純米吟醸無濾過生原酒
Bottom of bottle. Smooth mouthfeel on entry. After a thick flavor, A rather spicy alcoholic punch. It is a bit complex and has a tangy taste. The end is cool and refreshing with acidity. The taste of the sea is juicy. Good with oysters. Ueno Uoso
Takenosono超辛口パンダ出没注意 純米吟醸 無濾過生原酒純米吟醸原酒生酒無濾過
Purchased at a liquor store. Rare and expensive. Label purchase. Cold sake. Soft in the mouth, but as the name suggests, it has a great sharpness. The aftertaste is tangy. It has the inherent strength of a panda bear, but also a gentle side that is somehow cute. The aftertaste is short. Recommended for beginners and intermediate sake drinkers.
Bamboo Garden Beware of pandas It's not fair. You'd have to ask for this kind of naming. It's refreshing and dry. It will make your meal go faster. If you roll it on your tongue, you can feel the umami and bitterness in spite of the dry taste. and bitterness. Don't be afraid of pandas. but you will have a belly like a panda as you eat. But you need to be warned! Cod milt tempura with more salt You can even taste the sweetness!
Takenosonoオブリガード 縁起開運 金箔純米
[Addiction time is upon us ✨. After the dinner with my in-laws, I headed back to Fukui station, but it took 30 minutes to an hour to transfer to the next station, so I went to check the location of Nanato Minoru, a new restaurant that I was curious about 🚶. After a 5 minute walk from Fukui Station, I arrived at the front of the restaurant and saw the entrance, which looked relatively empty, so I thought I'd go in for a drink ✨. The restaurant has a relaxed atmosphere like a Japanese restaurant in Kyoto, and the counter is lined with obanzai dishes, all of which look delicious 😋. When I looked at the menu to choose a drink, I saw a variety of local and international sakes, and after agonizing over which one to drink, I decided on this one 🍶. My first "Take-no-en" 🎉"Take-no-en Obligado Auspicious Kaiun Kinpaku Junmai". The aroma is thin and not much, the taste is sweet and reminiscent of "Nabeshima" and "Koei Kiku", but it is clean and crisp, with a lingering bitterness in the back of the throat. The bottle and glass are sparkling with gold leaf ✨. A huge amount of gold leaf 😲This is a good luck sake for the New Year 😆 I've never seen such a lot of gold leaf in a sake before. I had a conversation with the proprietresses who run the restaurant and they said they had never seen such a large amount of gold leaf in a bottle 💦, which led me to stay longer.
Tamura Honten (田村本店)
This year again, on New Year's Day, we will be serving Take-no-en's sake with gold leaf! This is my favorite sake that I can find once a year. I also like the words on the label, "Yeoshun Celebration Sake with Good Luck" and the picture on the label. It is a dry, refreshing sake that goes well with osechi dishes, sashimi, sushi, hors d'oeuvres, and everything else 😁.
This junmai sake is made from 75% polished "Yumeshizuku" rice harvested from terraced rice paddies in Kashima, Saga Prefecture. It has a fresh, sweet-tasting top-fragrance aroma. In the mouth, the refined aroma and smooth flavor of a junmai sake with no cloying taste unfolds. The moderate acidity seems to complement the sweetness. The lingering finish is rather long, and the umami of the rice seems to catch up with it later. Saga Prefecture in general has a high level of sake. Thank you for the sake.
It's a bamboo garden 🍶. Hot and sweet 😋. Lightly hulled rice🌾 then caramel appears. A sake that feels like rice🍚. Exactly like the illustration on the label 🏷️ 😊. Went well with Spanish mackerel 🐟😋.
Takenosono迎春祝酒/竹之園 オブリガード 縁起開運 金箔純米 Obrigado純米
On Sunday at noon, a friend of mine reported that she went to a restaurant in Kagurazaka that I introduced to her. He seemed to have enjoyed the delicious food and sake. ❤️ So as a thank you, I went there last night too! There are some more sake that I'm interested in! First of all, I selected some seasonal sake! New Year's Eve 🎍 and Christmas 🎄. I noticed later that there was a lot of gold leaf in it! You didn't stir it. But that's okay! Happy Sake! I went for a quick one! It was dry 😊. extensive knowledge Alcohol 15 Rice used: Yuyamanishiki Polishing ratio 60 Yeast used Sake degree +11 Acidity 1.7 Nama/Hiireki Hiireki
Rice polishing ratio 47 Alcohol content 16 Rice / Koji used Rice (domestic) / Koji (domestic) Aizan Date of production 2023.08 Junmai Daiginjo by Yano Shuzo This is a bottle that is often seen in stores that sell Saga sake, but I had never tried it before. The result was a dismal failure. A national sake, back to the basics It is a traditional, hard-to-drink sake that is out of step with current trends. A bitter taste that does not rise up immediately after putting it in the mouth and stays on the tongue. It is a relief at least that it does not stick to the throat.