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生粋左馬Kissui Hidari Uma
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Kissui Hidari Uma純米吟醸 原酒 中取り
真いちKISSUI HIDARIUMA Junmai Ginjyo Seiki Sama Knowing the workings of life with the five senses, we brew sake with the utmost sophistication. If we put this spirit on the sacred horse "Sama," it becomes "Seiki Sama" and brings "blessings" to the people. Alcohol content 14%. Rice (domestic), Rice Koji (domestic) 100% Yamada-Nishiki used Polishing ratio 50%. (Yum!
Kissui Hidari Uma直汲み 2022BY純米吟醸原酒生酒中取り
50% polished "Yumeko" from Fukushima Prefecture. Strong sugary sweetness. The acidity is crisp and bouncy on the tongue. Production date: December 2022
Kissui Hidari Uma純米吟醸純米吟醸
阿佐波Iseya Kimishima Shoten @ Shirakawa I went on a sake trip to Fukushima (Shirakawa, Koriyama, Aizuwakamatsu) over the weekend! I went to Fukushima (Shirakawa, Koriyama, Aizuwakamatsu) for a sake trip! I searched for a good sake store near the Shirakawa Interchange where I got off for ramen noodles, I bought a bottle of Hirotogawa Special Junmai 😍. The owner and his wife were very kind and polite and explained to us about their excellent selection and knowledgeable staff. When I told them my preferences, they recommended the following Aruga Brewery "Seikyu Sama A 50% polished Junmai Ginjo from Fukushima Prefecture. It was a first time for me to taste the rice as well as the brand name. It is delicious! It is delicious! Glossy~❣️ The sweetness lingers after it goes down the throat. Super long! Enjoying a happy Fukushima sake trip 🍶😍.
Kissui Hidari Uma駆 ウマウマ純米生酒にごり酒発泡
麺酒王Opened the bottle before the opening of the Sake no Mahjong 😊. It's been a while since I've had an active nigori sake❗I was nervous about opening the bottle, but since it was a gas stopper, there were no spills👍. I was nervous when I opened the bottle because it was a gas bottle, but it didn't spill out 👍I first took a sip of the supernatant and felt it was refreshingly spicy and strong! She said, "I like spicy! I liked it! This is low in alcohol, right? I checked the label and it was right ❗My insensitive wife 😅 Mildness increased when mixed with lees 😋. I had to wait too long to play mahjong and emptied the fourth bottle 😁.
ジャイヴHello, Mr. Menshuoh ☀☀☀☀☀☀☀☀☀☀☀. [It's a very Fukushima-like bottle ✨ to make a wish on a [horse]. I'm afraid to open a bottle of Yongo before playing mahjong 😲. I'd be terrified that I'd be a chombo myself 😅.
麺酒王Hi Gyve 😃😃 I'm sure you have the Fukushima racecourse too 🏇❗❗ I'm sure you'll be blown away with your gungimari 😝I'll be generous if I get points for you even if I chombo 😌(lie 😜).
Kissui Hidari Uma純米吟醸 うすにごり純米吟醸にごり酒
凜のすけ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Sake and snacks Ebisuya 90/780 yen Junmai Ginjyo light nigori 16%. Fukushima Yumeko 50% 2022.12 Like lychee, like grapefruit ... It was a delicious sake with a moderate sweetness and acidity 😊. Left backwards "mau"'s like dancing 😊. Ma ku go (9 horses go) goes well 😊. Third glass akabu Amber Muscat-like... The fourth glass Seikishi-Sama
Kissui Hidari Umaウマウマ純米生酒にごり酒
アーロンFruity aroma like green apple with a full-bodied aroma like cooked rice. The mouthfeel is full of fine, delicate bubbles that pop and fill your mouth. ❗️ I think this is the first time I've had such fine bubbles. The silky texture of the oli on the tongue and the beautiful acidity that appears in the beginning as if it is flowing smoothly. The rich flavor is also present, but with the initial slight carbonation and beautiful acidity, it's a delicious synergistic effect 😊. This is so good 🤤.
Kissui Hidari Umaウマウマ
ぱる, Sweet on the palate. But it is actually dry. Not unpleasantly spicy. Fizzy. If you think of cider It's not enough, It's been a while since I bought it? I'm not sure.
Kissui Hidari Uma純米吟醸 生原酒 中取り直汲み
KazuIt's out of season, but there was still some new sake left from a brand in Fukushima that I was interested in, so I bought it. I like the taste. Beautiful sweetness and gasiness without being overpowering. Silky and smooth with a smooth finish.