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きまぐれKatori 90 Fermentation is great. It's not heavy, but it's very sweet. But it's not sweet, so fermentation is not hard. Yogurt that is not sweet. Katori is the best, but it doesn't taste like sake. A little buttery. 87 points Sweetness: 1.5 Sourness:3 Dryness:2.8 Hinted aroma:2.6
こやーん. I bought this wine after an old lady at a liquor store recommended it to me. It was my first experience with 90% polished rice. It is a little sweet, but has a traditional sake feel to it. Personally I am very satisfied 😊. The color is more yellow than Kenrishi 😆.
Katori生酛純米80 2021
sakuchiThis is the first taste I have ever had. As we were told at the restaurant, it becomes easier to drink when heated. It seems to go well with strong flavors such as cheese dishes.
タイタイセイI happened to find Terada Honke's sake at a liquor store and bought it unexpectedly! Sake with a 90% rice polishing ratio, natural yeast, no filtration, and a lot of attention to detail. At room temperature. The color of the sake is yellowish because it is a sake yeast, and there is a faint lactic acid aroma. When you put it in your mouth, you first taste the characteristic strong acidity, and then the umami and richness typical of a sake made from the traditional sake yeast. It has some peculiarities, but it is basically dry and goes down the throat easily. The peculiarity seems to become milder when heated, but personally, I think it tastes better at room temperature. It may not be for everyone, but if you like it, you'll love it! For around 1300 yen (720mL), this is a great value! Very tasty!
ことりAt the Exchange Plaza Sake and Sake vol.2🤗 Looking for the event's unique 🍶...Day 2 As the sun went down and the chill in the air increased, I was still drawn to the heated sake and returned to the original booth. I tried Terada Honke's Katori 80, a "natural sake" made only from rice grown without pesticides or chemical fertilizers and water from the brewery's well, and heated by the power of the microorganisms in the brewery. It was slightly amber in color, with an acidity similar to that of Gonin Musume, a slight astringency, and a rich, grain-like flavor. The wheyiness is a little subdued. Rice cultivation method / Pesticide-free rice Koji rice/Dewa Sanzan Kake rice/Dewa Sanzan, Yukikake, Koshihikari Polishing ratio / 80 Koji Bacteria/Home cultivation (rice koji) Yeast/No additive Alcohol / 15-16 Sake meter / +5 Acidity / 3.1 Amino Acidity / 2.6
ひるぺこGood evening, Kotori-san. Sounds like a fun event called "Sake and Sake" 😆It's great to be able to drink heated sake from Terada Honke 🍶My body needs heated sake in the coming season. ♨️
ことりHi Hirupeko, good evening😊I always enjoy reading your posts😃At the plaza at the Utsunomiya station LRT depot. I was thrilled to see the 🍶 I was curious about at this event 😚 I was able to experience the depth of the expression that changes with the temperature of the warmed sake 👍♨️
初めての日本酒は田酒It was a night in Hakodate, and when I told them I wanted a second cup of sake with unpolished rice, this is what I got. Unlike the first cup, it had a strong rice taste and a robust, dark flavor. The dish was a kind of mapo tofu with blue cheese, I enjoyed it with a side dish called 😋.
Katori純米自然酒90 生酛純米生酛
ぽんTerada Honke Katori Junmai Shizen Shu 90 Namahashime This brewery is located in Kanzaki-cho, Chiba Prefecture. It is a junmai sake with a 90% rice polishing ratio, and it is also a "nama-hashiroshi" sake. It has high acidity, but mellows out when heated, It is a sake with a high acidity, but when heated, it mellows out and becomes a delicious sake. This is a sake that is truly a sake drinker's masterpiece. #Sake
ベロベロの神様Just a reminder 🙏. Today was my last summer vacation and I took off work from noon 🤗. So I came to "Stand Lokey", a bar where you can drink from noon 🤗. I drank "Katori" Junmai, a sake from Chiba. Delicious 😋. Room temperature is good from noon 😆.
てしごとや ふくの鳥 飯田橋店
もふりーとSo I went to Fukuno Tori Iidabashi to check out the weekend's events. Today's service sake was Katori Namahashi 90, made with 90% polished rice and brewed with a "namahashi" (sake yeast) yeast, which is quite a strange spec. It has a very rich flavor and full-bodied taste. The aroma that comes up later is also quite strong. It is very drinkable.
うみUnfiltered unpasteurized sake Rice polishing ratio 90% Alcohol 20.5 I have had Daigo's millet and shizuku before, but this is the first time I have had Katori. The aroma in the mouth reminds me of Daigo, and the taste of astringency and miscellaneous flavors are felt down the throat, and the last thing that remains in the mouth is sourness. I thought it would be better served hot than chilled, so I warmed it up and the full flavor spread out. The acidity is still there! I like this kind of sake. I love this kind of sake.
chichiGood evening, Umi-san. As you say, this sake is best served hot 🍶😄I think it has a different taste from today's refreshing and fruity sake, what do you think?
うみI don't know what the current fad (?) is. I don't know. It's delicious! is delicious. I think everyone has their own taste. I have a wide strike zone. I wonder if that answers your question.
chichiI think that's fine. I think the best part of sake is that it can be enjoyed at a variety of temperatures: chilled, room temperature, lukewarm, top-heat, and hot, as well as clear and fruity.
うみThat's right! The person who taught me how to enjoy sake also took that stance. I think it is best to enjoy sake the way you like it.