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だいすけIt has a subtle ginjo aroma for a pure rice. When chilled, it goes down smoothly like water, and at room temperature, it has a strong rice flavor. It has a refreshing, clean, crisp taste. A perfect sake for evening drinking.
yamaheiStrong ginjo aroma with a dry feel and a nose of raw sake. It has a clean mouthfeel, but with a strong "drunkenness" and a subtle mellowness. This is the type of sake that you can drink at a good tempo and get drunk off your feet.
Amanoto美稲 80純米無濾過
keiI've been busy to death lately, so it's been a while since I've had a drink. Today's sake is a low-purity 80%, but... I guess low-purity sake doesn't have a tag. It's not fruity or gorgeous, but it's moist and tasty, and gives the impression of smoked silver! The price is reasonable (probably because of the low whiteness), about 2,000 yen for a bottle, and it's a very cost-effective sake. It was also delicious when heated in the microwave, so if you can warm it up properly, by all means, go for it!
たっく0103It's also a Junmai Unfiltered Nama 😳It's a regular sake brand that is mostly consumed locally. It's a mellow, fresh, slightly dry, crisp and delicious sake, perfect for everyday drinking 🍶 and easy on the wallet too 💰.
T.KISOGood evening, Takku and 0103😄. I haven't had this draft sake yet 😅. It's valuable that you can buy it without changing the price from hi-ire 🎶. It's a cosy sake that has been Junmai without changing the price since the old days of regular sake: ❣️
たっく0103Good evening T.KISO 😀I wish I could buy it anytime, but it seems they have a small shipment once a year here so I won't be able to buy it again until next year🤣But it's still a cheap and tasty sake 😋.
シロタマI was looking for a reasonably priced fire-brewed junmai sake for warming up and found this. The +10 sake rating combined with the fact that it was "The Sake of Japan," or rather, "This is the sake of Japan," was something I hadn't had in a long time, but sometimes that's not such a bad thing. It was literally delicious, with a mouth full of flavor. I was satisfied. After buying the sake, I realized that it was best served cold, but I couldn't give up and tried heating it to lukewarm. I couldn't give up on it, so I tried heating it up to lukewarm, but it was just too unrelentingly spicy to bring out the best in it.
Amanoto純米吟醸 一穂積純米吟醸
ぽんAsamai Shuzo Amanoto Junmai Ginjo Ippozumi The brewery is located in Hiraga-cho, Yokote City, Akita Prefecture. The rice is polished to 50% Ichihozumi grown in Akita Prefecture. It is a new variety produced by crossing "Koshitanrei" and "Akita Sake Komachi". A new variety that is a crossbreed of "Koshitanrei" and "Akita Sake Komachi". It has a gentle, fresh and fruity aroma, rounded rice flavor, mellow and soft taste. The taste of rice is rounded and rounded, with a mellow and soft texture and a clean finish. #Japanese Sake
ヒンナFirst issue #7 @ 2024 I bought it because the price was reasonable for a Junmai Daiginjo. Junmai Daiginjos are sometimes too clean and lacking in cleanliness, but this one is not like that. It also goes well with the pickled mackerel. I am addicted to a delicious way of eating shime saba (mackerel) that I got at an izakaya (Japanese-style bar) I went to at the end of the year. Just put gari and shredded shiso leaves on top of the seared shime saba and sprinkle with roasted sesame seeds. It's easy and delicious 😋.