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3903-1 Takatsuhara, Kashima, Saga
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肥前蔵心特別純米 おりがらみ生 山廃仕込特別純米山廃生酒おりがらみ
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Purchased when I went to Tosu on an errand. It was the first time to visit this izakaya, and they carry most of Saga's sake. The staff was kind enough to let me try some of their sake! I chose Hizen Kurashin from among Saga's sake such as Koueikiku, Manrei, Miyanomatsu, and Amabuki. The aroma is subdued, but has a fresh apple-like flavor! Slightly gassy but rather dry! There is no sweetness and it disappears quickly. There is some acidity typical of Yamahai.
肥前蔵心特別純米 超辛口
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This super dry sake was introduced to us by a sake shop as a good match for sushi. It is dry and refreshing and goes well with rice, but it also has a strong umami flavor. It also has a strong flavor.
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This is fruity! It is apple🍎! It has a nice aroma and is refreshing down the throat. It is a pleasure to drink as a "drink" and not as a meal.
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I came to Tennoji, so I went for a walk, I took a stroll around a nearby liquor store to see if there were any special dealers. I went for a walk to a nearby liquor store to see if they had any special dealers. I bought some sake at a certain liquor store near Shitennoji Temple. This store does not seem to specialize in sake, I told them what kind of sake I prefer, I was politely answered and introduced a few recommendations. I was impressed by their introduction of a few recommended items. There were a few sake bottles in 720ml size. Some of the products seem to have been aged for a while to soften the corners of the acidity. Some of the products seem to have been aged for a while to soften the corners of the acidity. I told them that I prefer sweet sake, I told them that I prefer sweet sake 🍶, and this was one of the recommended brands. In the glass, there was a faint aroma of alcohol and rice 😀 In the mouth, there was a tingling sensation on the tip of the tongue. When I put it in my mouth, I felt a tingle on the tip of my tongue, Very fine carbonation 😆. Complex flavor with a touch of bitterness. Next, a deep umami flavor, Next, a deep umami, and a slight sweetness of rice. When you finish it, you will be left with a lingering astringent and spicy taste at the bottom of your throat. It is easy to drink, with no strong acidity. The taste is refreshing, but glossy. It's kind of like grapefruit. The sweetness wasn't strong, but it was Delicious 😋 and not too sweet 😄. Nice to take a stroll once in a while😊 Thanks for the treat 😋😋.