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3734 Akitsuchō Mitsu, Higashihiroshima, Hiroshima
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Fukucho富久長 純米吟醸 水引 限定直汲生原酒純米吟醸生酒
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Here's an album of my home drinking 🎵 Tomikyucho for New Year's, thanks for the food 😋.
Fukucho辛口純米 夏純米原酒
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Refreshing crispness literally. Water softness. Moderate flavor. The sharpness is refreshing. Yamadanishiki, etc. (some rice polished by Shin Gin). Young corn steamed and roasted
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Procured at a Japanese liquor store in Tokyo Station. It seems to be a shop-only brand (label?). I don't often visit Shinbashi, but I bought the label. I don't often visit Shinbashi, but I bought the label.
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A little sourness is quite strong and a breath of spring. The sweetness comes on top of the mouth The sweetness is on the top of the mouth, while the bitterness is suppressed on the bottom of the mouth. Delicious!
Fukucho辛口 純米 夏純米
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西浅草 山崎
6/10 Tomikyucho's summer sake. It is said to have a "crispiness" to it. I looked it up and found that it is a term used to describe the texture of linen or cotton. Anyway, it's supposed to be refreshing. Let's use it. "Shari-feel" is a word that means "crispness. The taste was refreshing, with a hint of bananas that raised the summeriness of the drink to a new level. It is a delightful sake that is easy to drink and has a crisp mouthfeel.
Nice to meet you, Southern Cross Shine. I always refer to your reviews 😊. I too saw the description of this sake and thought it had a crispiness? Is it an ice cream-like slurping sensation? 🤔 and other stupid thoughts 🧊It is a refreshing summer sake 🧊☺️
Kotaro. Sorry for the very late reply💦. I was really curious about the crunchy texture, wasn't I? I was imagining shaved ice too 🥺. The banana scent is also very summery, isn't it?
Fukucho白麹 シェルラバーズ純米
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Alcohol content: 13 Hachitan 35, Yamadanishiki Rice polishing ratio: 75 Hachitan 35 is a sake brewing rice from Hiroshima Prefecture. This sake is a collaboration with Imadeya, a sake store in Chiba Prefecture, and was developed in response to a request to make a sake that goes well with oysters. The label also says, "The white malted rice used in this sake is high in citric acid, giving it a lemon-like acidity that is enjoyable." The label also said, "Since white malted rice is used, the citric acidity is high and you can enjoy a lemon-like acidity. The alcohol content is low and the aroma is green and fruity. The first thing you feel when you take a sip is the strong acidity, followed by the sweetness that comes from lemons. Next, a sweetness that can also be found in lemons spreads. The aftertaste is bitter with a mineral feeling, and may be similar to that of white wine. No wonder it goes well with oysters.
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This is my first Tomikyucho! I've wanted to buy it since around New Year's, it's a cute sea wind clay with a cute label. I didn't smell much, but was surprised when I drank it! The acidity is so strong that it is hard to believe it is sake. It also has a sweetness that makes it easy to drink like a juice or a chuhai. I was told that it would go well with oysters since it has a mouthfeel similar to white wine, but I couldn't find it, so I went with fried horse mackerels and other sour snacks. Pairing︰Fried horse mackerel, salmon avocado, lemon marinated zucchini, carrot rapé, snap peas