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chikaFirst time in Fukuoka🍶. First time, Tanaka Rokugo🍶. First, Shiraito Shuzo 😊🍶. Nice top shelf aroma 👍. Muscat aroma Mouthfeel 👄👄. Very smooth and light Fresh and light 🤩. I'd like to try a different spec of Tanaka Rokuugo I'd like to drink it 😊🍶🍶. Grade race Double win 🐴🎯🎯🎯✨✨✨
まつちよRare to see you drinking Fukuoka sake 😆. Tanaka Rokugo, if you can, try the raw sake. It's totally different 😋.
chikaGood evening, Matsuchiyo 😆👍✨✨ I'm drinking Fukuoka sake! It's so rare! You're so observant, as expected 😆👍✨✨. Tanaka Rokugo is a raw sake 🤔⁉️⁉️ Nice advice 😆🍶.
Tomo-kichiGood evening Chika, ‼️ Congratulations on your target. I also got 1,000 yen for the Aoba-sho and 500 yen for the trifecta. How was Haruten? Tanaka Rokuugo is very good, isn't it? I like Kyushu's sake. ☺️
chikaGood evening, Tomo-kichi 😆🍶. Tennou-sho, Unicorn, Hong Kong, etc... I should have bought all of them 😭🐴💔💔. Kyushu is delicious too😁🍶. I have another Kyushu in the fridge. I'm looking forward to it max😊🍶✨✨
Tanakarokujugo6513 直汲み
ヒロOutside Drinking. CRAFT SAKE WEEK West Star Day The pitch black bottle is cool 😎. I didn't know what 6513 meant, so I asked the brewery staff and they told me it was 65% polished rice and 13% alcohol. It has a refreshing sweetness on the palate. In addition, it has an umami taste and seems to make the most of the rice 🌾. There is a slight bitterness, but it is well-balanced and does not interfere with the refreshing taste. The light, easy-drinking mouthfeel will make you drink it faster. I thought this type of sake was very gentle when I was already drunk and drinking standing up 😆.