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Ohmine Junmai Ginjo (大嶺酒造株式会社/山口県美祢市大嶺町)

若いビジネスマンが50年ぶりに蔵を復活 江戸時代中期に創業した大嶺酒造。株式会社として設立したのは大正11年(1921年)ですが、1960年代に入って休業の憂き目にあってしまいます。しかし2010年、50年以上の休眠を経て復活しました。蔵を引き継いだのは、ニューヨークなどで海外ビジネスの経験を豊富に積んだ、美祢市出身の秋山剛士氏(現大嶺酒造のファウンダー)。農業と地域資源を軸に、地域の未来につながる産業をつくりたいというコンセプトのもと、新しい大嶺酒造がスタートしたのです。 地元の恵みを生かした酒造り 美祢市は3億年の歴史をもつ神秘的なシラス台地の「秋吉台」、東洋一の鍾乳洞「秋芳洞」など、雄大な自然を誇る場所。仕込み水は日本名水百選に選ばれている「弁天の湧水」を使用しています。神社の境内から湧き出る清水はコバルトブルーの美しい色で、酒造りに必要な天然ミネラルを多く含み、「Ohmine」シリーズの味わいに欠かせません。米は契約栽培の山口県産山田錦のみ。さらに、日本酒のピュアな味わいを感じられるようにと、発酵を抑える新技術を用いて、原酒にもかかわらずアルコール度数を14度に抑えています。 さらにこだわったのが、ボトルデザイン。秋山氏はスウェーデンに渡り、北欧で有数のデザイン集団「ストックホルム・デザイン・ラボ」の創設者と面談し、デザインを依頼したのです。そして完成したのが、コニャックなどに使う白地の陶器に、黒地の米を描いたシンプルなものでした。個性的なデザインが増えている昨今の日本酒のなかでも、特に印象的なデザインです。スタイリッシュなラベルと、アルファベットを用いた銘柄名には、国内はもちろん、海外に日本酒を広めたいという思いがありました。 海外マーケティングで評判呼ぶ 外観に負けないスタイリッシュな味わいが、ミシュランの三ツ星レストランや、さまざまなブランドとのコラボレーションなどを通して高く評価され、ニューヨークや香港など、世界6ヵ国で展開されています。2013年には、スイスで開催された、ダボス会議2013のなかで、日本政府が主催した晩餐会で各国の首脳に振る舞われました。SAKETIMES | 日本酒をもっと知りたくなるWEBメディア
Ohmine JunmaiSAKURA CUP純米原酒
Y.TokushigeIt has a dark umami taste that feels like a pure sake, and a sweetness that for a moment seems heavy. However, it is not too thick or heavy and leaves a moderate aftertaste! I drank it at home, but it would be great to drink it while viewing cherry blossoms in a cute 100ml sakura 🌸 cup! Sake rice: 100% Yamadanishiki Polishing ratio→50 Alcohol content→14.5
Ohmine Junmai3粒火入れ 愛山
ジャイヴGW Sake Activity Day Part 1 (3) When I was choosing which to order next, I was forced to choose between two options, and after 3 minutes of deliberation, I decided on this one for the first course. Daimine 3-grain Aizan. Fruity, mellow, sweet rice aroma, sweet taste with a firm umami, bitterness in the throat, and a sharp sharpness from the acidity, and a clean and beautiful aftertaste with a sour astringent taste that lingers on the tongue. On the day of the event, we had invited a chef from outside, so we ordered a light side dish of homemade pickled wasabi leaves. The cool leaf wasabi aroma was pleasant 😋.
ma-ki-Good evening, Mr. Gyve. Sake with a nice aroma is also good when drunk in a wine glass 🎵. Aizan has a sweeter image in my opinion, so the aroma alone is enough to make me blissful ✨. I also like your choice of cool snacks 😋.
ジャイヴGood evening again, ma-ki-san 🌛. I had heard about the reputation of "Daimine" for a long time, but it was fruity and sweet 😁. I wasn't planning on ordering too many entrées at this point 😅.
理華Happy outside drinking🎶. I'm Omine - ❣️ Daimine, which is sweet, fruity and delicious to begin with. ⤴️ It's 100% Aizan! It's even sweeter and more fruity😍. And it's still delicious 😋! It's great with freshly fried tempura! Be careful not to drink too much 🤣.
Ohmine Junmai大嶺3粒 無濾過生原酒 出羽燦々原酒生酒無濾過
コタローThere is a lapsed difference between the contents of my refrigerator and the alcohol I'm drinking, but I don't care, I'll drink it. The aroma is fruity with a hint of sourness. When you take a sip, you can feel the carbonation, but it is sweeter than the aroma suggests. Round and fluffy, the sweetness spreads. As it is swallowed, the sweetness of peaches and muscats comes in a rush, with a lingering umami taste. It is like a thick fruit juice. Delicious. After opening the bottle and letting it sit for a little while, the rich sweetness becomes transparent and refreshing. Surprisingly, the acidity comes in the second half, making it easy to drink. Personally, I like it better when it is left a little longer. I drank it to check the taste, and before I knew it, it was empty...
Ohmine JunmaiOhmine Sakura Cup純米
Masaaki Sapporo8.5 points (Wife: 8 points) Rice: Yamadanishiki (Yamaguchi Prefecture) Rice polishing ratio: 50 Yeast: Undisclosed Alcohol: 14.5 Sake meter: Undisclosed Acidity: Undisclosed Sold at: Sakurumoto Shoten Honten (Chuo-ku, Sapporo) Shu when opened No gassiness Slight melon and grape-like top notes The same fruity aroma as the first sip, moderate sweetness and umami of rice spreads with soft acidity. It has a slightly sweet and sour taste with a hint of rice flavor, and would go well with a meal. It is of course delicious on its own, and is just right for a small sip.
ポンちゃんMasaaki Sapporo-san Good evening 🦉. I hope it's in full bloom there now. The sakura cup and 🌸 are stunning ✨I could use it for advertising 👍✨. And this cup is not only pretty but delicious ❣️
Masaaki SapporoThank you, Pon 👍It's finally cherry blossom season in Sapporo 🌸Omine has a great cup of sake ✨. I have one more bottle left, so I'll have it on the road on my non 🚗 trip 😁.
えりりんMasaaki Sapporo-san konbanhaha (o´ omega`o)no~~! It's a glass at the store I always go to😁. Suddenly it's spring 🌸⇒early summer ι(Дυ)atsy. It's like a lie that it was ⛄️ last GW ☀️
Masaaki Sapporo
ジャイヴHi Masaaki Sapporo! This is very popular 😁. I went looking for it the other day but couldn't find it 💦. I want to stock up on these because they are so easy to use✨
Masaaki SapporoHi Jive 😃Ohrei is delicious and best for a little drink for those of us who are not strong on alcohol ✨It is already sold out at our distributor here 😅.
Ohmine Junmai大嶺3粒 春風かすみ生酒 愛山
KazuAroma is quite strong. Fresh sweetness like apple and muscat. The gas is also strong. The aftertaste is a little sweet, but not too much.
Ohmine Junmaiカップ酒
haruSurprise! It was a delicious cup of sake and an attractive drink for cups of sake. I drank the 100 ml in no time, but it was really delicious. I would drink this sake again🍶.
haruIt was a refreshing and easy to drink sake! The second or third day after opening the bottle, it was even more relaxed and tasty 🤤. It was a very good sake that goes well with meat and fish.
Ohmine Junmai山田錦 火入れ
酒泉洞 堀一
takeshonYamada-Nishiki from Doban Oumine-san: ‼️ A good brand that can be bought at ease even in a single bottle 👍 It has a pleasant acidity and is tasty 😋. This is another one that will be gone in 3 days.
MantaHello takeshon ^_^ When I bought Dewa Sanzan last month, I was confused with this Yamadanishiki. The delicious Omine-san is a bottle👍. I drink 2 gou a day and it's a 5 day course. But I wonder if I can stand it with 2 gou 😁.
takeshonGood morning, Manta 😃. I bought some Dewa Sanzan too 👍The packing slip won't fit in 2 cups - maybe 😋.
Ohmine Junmai3grain原酒生酒無濾過
taiOhmine 3grain Ohmine Junmai 3 grains unfiltered unpasteurized sake (Ohmine 3grain Ohmine Junmai 3grain) Sake Brewer : Ohmine Shuzo Location: Mine City, Yamaguchi Prefecture Rice polishing ratio: 50%. Rice】 100% Dewa Sanzu Ingredients: Rice (domestic), Rice malt (domestic) Water】Benten spring water Alcohol content】15%.
たけっちOhmine Ohmine Cup With cherry blossoms in the garden. The timing was a little late and the cherry blossoms were in leaf. It was warm, so I took out a chair and sat down comfortably. Sweet and delicious! Daimine is also a definite favorite. It is 100ml so it evaporated very quickly.
ポンちゃんGood evening, Takechi 🦉. Yaezakura is beautiful 🌸hanami in your garden is too nice ✨even a cup of O-mine is delicious 😊at least 1 gou 🤣.
たけっちGood evening, Pon-chan😄 The number of flowers is decreasing as if it is nearing the end of its life span, but the cherry blossoms 🌸 are still pleasing to the eye. At least one cup, I know 😖 is too much!