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It cost me about 5,000 yen. Too expensive. Limited edition of 2,000. Comes with a cosmetic box. Chilled It is made from edible Akita-Komachi rice, and the sweetness of the rice comes through quite well. Sourness is strong. The sweetness lingers, but the sharpness is good. It tastes like sake. Warmed up The smell of rice spreads like crazy. I thought I opened a rice cooker. Surprisingly, the acidity is still there. But the sweetness is stronger. The sweetness is more fruity. It's easier to drink when heated. I also like the unusual flavor when it's cold.
Charアランローラン 純米吟醸
The aroma is fruity and fresh, but I think I can also taste the mildness of the rice 🤭. The mouthfeel is very light! The taste is refreshingly sour and sweet like pear. The acidity is strongly felt for a rather short time after the first sip, so I thought it would be a quick and easy finish, but there is a nice lingering umami and fruity aftertaste. I don't think I am the only one who has an image of "Ricaman" when it comes to Shah. LOL! It's a good drink, easy to buy and tasty 🤭.
🌈 Ingredients: Rice (100% Nagano Yamae Nishiki), Rice Koji (100% Nagano Yamae Nishiki) Rice polishing ratio: 59 Alcohol content: 13%. Thank you for your hard work this week. Is it because I was unusually praised by the executive director for today's storm 🌀? Yes, but my workload has increased a lot! I will have a comet with a very cute label 💞It is sour-sweet and I can feel it soaking into every cell in my body. It has a pleasant taste and is easy to drink, which I think is typical of Yamae Nishiki. It is delicious. I fell asleep after drinking it even though it has 13% alcohol. I am too tired. I mean, on Thursday, I was going home with a colleague of mine from work (who I know well from riding over...), and we had a lot of drinks together. I asked her if she wanted to go out for a light lunch. We started drinking at PRONTO in Kawasaki Station (a fashionable place). We stayed there until closing time. We drank 13 glasses of beer and lemon sour. Oh, that's one too many drinks for me 💦. Now that we know that "light" is not a word in our dictionary, we'll go for all-you-can-drink next time 😆.
CharBENNETT 中取り純米大吟醸
A classic home drinking drink, you can substitute it for water: ❤️