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龍神丸大吟醸 袋吊り 無濾過生原酒
The fourth drink was a hard-to-find brand, Ryujinmaru from Wakayama. It was my first time to drink it, and it was a classic one with a mild bitterness. It was delicious, but maybe too young for my childish taste buds 🤣. I heard that Ryujinmaru tastes good when heated, so next time I would like to try it with heated sake.
Sake from Wakayama, Japan RYUJINMARU Junmai Ginjo Nama-no-Hara Sake This sake was introduced in the manga "Moyashimon" and quickly became famous and difficult to obtain. Since "Moyashimon" was published in 2005, the crisis of sake has been introduced in the manga for quite some time. I was lucky to be able to purchase it because I wanted to drink it at least once when I was reading the manga. Moyashimon" was a favorite anime of my daughters, who were in elementary school at the time, and they collected many stuffed toys of Orizee and his friends. I was deeply moved to be able to drink Ryujinmaru with my daughter 18 years later. Ryujinmaru tastes very fruity, just as it is presented in the manga. Today, fruity sake is on the rise, but back then, light and dry sake was the mainstream, and sweet sake was made with a lot of additives. Sake from those days tended to be avoided because it gave people a bad hangover. Nowadays, as shown in the manga, junmai (pure rice) sake is increasingly made using traditional methods. One reason may be that more and more toji (master brewers) are graduating from Tokyo University of Agriculture. I would be happy if "Moyashimon" was the catalyst for this trend. Degree of liking 10/10
Good morning, nenemu 😃. We are new to sake, we know that Ryujinmaru is a rare sake, but we didn't know about Moyashimon 😅It's very emotional to have a saki drink with your daughter who was in elementary school at that time 🥹.
Thank you for your comment! Ryujinmaru is so rare that many people don't even know it exists. I had a drink with my daughter while talking about memories of Yashimonos. It was a good time.
Ryu~jinmaru~! I'm about to reveal my age, but this is Ryujinmaru, a famous sake from Wakayama, Japan! This year is the year of the dragon, so we will open the bottle today in honor of the dragon. The top aroma is a quiet, withering, grassy, atmospheric scent. In other words, it has an elegant and deep aroma. In the mouth...oh, this is thick! The rich and powerful mouthfeel of the pure sake, the full-bodied bitterness that spreads in the mouth, and the smoothness that goes down your throat! This is what I call "Nama-no-Harakyu". As the name Ryujinmaru suggests, it has a powerful mellow flavor that is addictive. ☺️ I also bought a Junmai-shu of this Ryujinmaru, so I'm looking forward to that one too ✨. And I'm really looking forward to discovering more good sake this year 😊.
龍神丸純米大吟醸 袋吊るし雫取り 生原酒
I don't have the vocabulary to describe it well, but it has a very nice aftertaste with an elegant and strong sense of maturity. Although it is a dry sake, it is delicious with just the right combination of sweetness and umami. I have had other types of Ryujinmaru, but I got the impression that the aftertaste was even more assertive.
Ryujinmaru, a rare sake from Wakayama Prefecture, is brewed as a pure sake! Dry, refreshing, with a slight cemedine smell, it is a sake that seems to be addictive!
For me, the two most fantastic sake are XX and this Ryujinmaru 😀. First, I got the Ryujinmaru. When you drink it while reading the label, you can feel the romance of this sake I can feel the romance of this sake when I drink it while reading the label. It is a very rich, mellow, dry, umami-guchi authentic sake, strong. It is strong. It goes the way of the solitary, without worrying about trends. I am going to be addicted to it. I want to drink it again 😋. Yamada-Nishiki, 50%, 18%.
(It is said to be a fantastic sake ✨. The mouthfeel is clean and refreshing with a slightly peculiar aftertaste like iodine aroma. If you like sake, I think this is a delicious brand that is worth drinking 😋. drinking at home