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Atagonomatsu仕込六三号 極本醸造
dorankdoragonAroma is calm, like banana 🍌. Slight sweetness like grapes🍇. Smooth and full 🎶. Mild acidity wraps it up at the end 😄. Among several brewing tanks, the tank that produced the best quality sake was the "No. 63 tank" 😉.
Atagonomatsuはるこい 純米吟醸純米吟醸生酒にごり酒発泡
神田 木花
べっさんOn this day, we exchanged information with good friends in the same position in the same industry. We left the brand name to the restaurant for the sake tasting set. The first was this combination. It had a pink label and pink nigori inside. The spring-like color and taste was refreshing with sweet acidity and light effervescence. It was a good starter.
Atagonomatsuはるこい 生酒純米吟醸
TakashiSometimes I use Google Maps to find a liquor store within a 30 minute bike ride and go there. This past Saturday, I found a liquor store surprisingly close by. I've passed by it many times, but never noticed it. I went there immediately. There is no signboard, and the name is not "Fatty's Liquor Store" or anything like that. But it surely looks like a proper liquor store. The refrigerated cases on the front of this liquor store are about 3/4 full of sake bottles (roughly), and there are only a few 4-gou bottles. I'm on a bicycle, so I can't afford to buy a bottle of sake. Among the few bottles, the one that caught my eye was "Harukoi". After a brief lecture from the store staff on how to open the bottle, I put it in my backpack and was asked, "Is it OK? Isn't it slanted? I ended up putting it in the outside water bottle container and left. I carefully opened the bottle while watching a YouTube video of the Shinzawa Brewing Company. It went so well that I was almost disconcerted! LOL! Fresh acidity when you drink it, indeed, if you say so, not citrusy, strawberry? A lingering feeling on the palate and a slight bitterness. Sourness prevails over sweetness. The alcohol content is low, so it goes down smoothly. The last sip was a bit foamy. Maybe I should have stirred it in the middle? I drank it in no time at all.
Atagonomatsu別仕込 本釀造本醸造
Herman MokExcellent value at this price (only 1100 jpy). Clean and easy to drink. Very pleasant and it surprisingly also demonstrates taste and smell of fruity sweetness. Elegant rice and umami taste. Great one and love it.