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ぼぶ氏Gizaemon Hatsu Shibori NOUVEOU Purchased without tasting at the Iga Festival in Ueno? Purchased it at the Iga Festival in Ueno without tasting it! When it was first opened, it tasted delicious, with a refreshingly sweet melon aroma and a strong gassy, piquant cider taste. On the second day, sourness and bitterness started to appear. We enjoyed it as an early sipper. I think I'm going to be addicted to this first pressing sake.
遥瑛チチThree-day, two-night trip to Ise-Shima and Hokuriku Day 2 From Ise-shi Station, take the Kintetsu Limited Express Iseshima Liner to Kyoto. The second bottle in the train was Gizaemon Junmai Ginjo! I bought it at a convenience store on the way home from dinner the day before! Preparation is necessary for everything 😁. Typical light and dry sake with a quick kick! Even my wife, who loves sweet and juicy sake, had a hard time with the initial aroma, but as soon as she took a sip, she said, "This isn't bad, She seemed to like it a lot: "This is not bad ❗️, on the contrary, it's delicious👍".
ジェイ&ノビィHi Chichi 😃 You and your wife make a great drinking party 🤗I'd like to learn from you, you're used to it and you're well prepared 😄.
遥瑛チチHi Jay & Nobby 😃. We're all about taking the time and effort for a good drink 😁. Why don't you two take another trip ❗️ We'll be waiting for you in Hakata 👋
GizaemonBLACK 三重山田錦純米吟醸
和食居酒屋 田福
日本酒好きの土地家屋調査士Today is the year-end party for the board of directors 😄. We finally had sake at the third party! At the restaurant we went to, they had Jigokin, which I hadn't had in a while, but the comments were... well, they were just like yours 😌😌😌. I didn't drink much because it was the third party, but I guess that's all I could drink... 🤗 Yopa Memo_φ... To be honest, my head was filled with the alcohol content of the beer 🌀🌀 I couldn't really taste the aroma or taste of the beer because it had been so long. Not in a bad way, but in a word, "safe" 😌😌. If it were freshly distributed, I could taste fruity, sweet and pungent flavors... But it's hard to demand that much when you're out drinking... There's also the timing of encounter. Well, I guess it's difficult for various reasons. It was delicious 😋😋😋😋. Thanks for the food🎶.
さいたにToday I went to Matsumoto pass on the Kumano ancient road. The climb was tough... I had a glass of sake for dinner after the climb! The alcohol taste is not so strong and easy to drink. At first I thought it would be sweet, but the aftertaste was surprisingly dry. Accompanied by a Samager Key.
Gizaemon純米吟醸 Free Run
たっつうThe fourth glass was Gizaemon. Among all the sake I drank today, this was the one with the best rice flavor. The name Gizaemon comes from the name of the founder, and it seems to be a brand made from multiple yeasts.
abekoubouI grilled turban shells I bought in Toba in a pot and served them with Gizaemon's Kami no Honoh hiyaoroshi. The mellow flavor and sharpness of the rice wrapped around the bitterness of the turban shell and was very tasty.