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ダルマ正宗Daruma Masamune (Katakana)
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UsuzumizakuraDaruma MasamuneDaruma Masamune (Katakana)

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At Nihon Shu-Tsubaki in Jujo, Tokyo. Sake aged for a long time at room temperature. Polishing ratio is 75%. Drank warmed. It has a roasted flavor with a strong sweetness. Mellow and gradually spreading. The alcohol lingers on the tip of the tongue. Date of production: June 2023
Sake I've been interested in for a long time. This time, three years old. Rum? Shaoxing wine? Sweetness and aroma like Shaoxing wine? If you drink it as a food wine, maybe it goes well with food that doesn't interfere with it? I don't dislike it, so I feel like trying the 5 year old next time.
Daruma Masamune (Katakana)令和6年 辰年ブレンド古酒
It was a cup of possibility, a cup that I would like to pretend, a cup that I would not have asked for myself. Mazel. No, it's a blend. I feel ok with distilled forms of alcohol, but with alcohol that ferments as you put it down, there are too many variables and it's like, yeah, I'm not going to say more. It was an old wine, with a distinctly difficult taste.
Daruma Masamune (Katakana)長期熟成古酒 令和5年 卯年限定ブレンド古酒
Sake at the first standing drink of the year ③🍶. The last one is Dharma Masamune's Year of the Rabbit limited blend 🐰. I had been curious about it for a while, but when I saw Hirupeko-san drinking the Year of the Dragon Limited Blend, I decided to try it. First, it was served cold. The appearance is crystal with a hint of yamabuki and amber, and when the glass is moved, the extract content lurches and its density can be seen. The aroma is iodine with a slight uninspired acidity, soy sauce and light caramel with a touch of alcohol. On the palate, it is absurdly easy to drink😄. From the soft attack, it has a clear sweetness, a full flavor, and a dark but beautiful acidity that gradually spreads and finishes. The lingering aftertaste is very long. The fullness of the flavor makes you want to drink it little by little and savor it for a long time. Next, we warmed it up. The aroma is warm and rounded with a gentle iodine aroma. The acidity has a slightly stronger attack, and the sweetness and umami explode, making it very easy to drink and delicious 😊. Even a beginner to matured sake like me can enjoy drinking it 🍶. The master seems to have been drinking since Boar🐗 and says that the Year of the Rabbit here is the easiest for beginners to drink. I heard that the Year of the Dragon will be available again, so I would like to compare them! Thank you for the food 🍶.
Good evening, Hirupeco 😃. I see...that's right! I will definitely try the Year of the Dragon label and I will buy the Year of the Snake bottle next year (I wonder if I can afford it 😅). Actually, I heard that Mr. Kawada also appears on FM Kokoro.
Aladdin, good evening 😊The flavor when heated looks so delicious and intriguing 😚♨️ I'm curious about the aged sake, but it's not easy to drink a 4-gallon bottle at home 😅I'm referring to your review 🤗.
Good evening, Kotori 😃. It was very mellow, plump, delicious and easy to drink when heated ☺️🍶I'm also a novice at aged sake, so I try it sometimes when I drink out while learning from the posts of the experts at Sake no Wawa 😁.
Daruma Masamune (Katakana)長期熟成古酒 令和6年 辰年ブレンド古酒
It was very tasty, with a fluffy aroma typical of old sake, a light taste, and a hint of sweetness. Old sake has a unique flavor, but this one is not too strong, and even those who don't like the strong taste of sake can enjoy it! I had it with mizutaki and it was very tasty, so I think it would go well with soup stock and meat.
A gift. It was my first drink of a brand I was curious about because I like aged sake. It is an old sake. But I think it is different from just aged sake. It has a taste and a lingering aftertaste. It is a genre that will broaden your enjoyment of food if you get into it, although it is not for everyone.
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