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加賀ノ月Kaga no Tsuki
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Kaga no Tsuki純米酒 石川のにごり酒
We found this nigori sake series from Ishikawa when we were looking for Noto sake. It is a junmai nigori sake with a rice polishing ratio of 75%. The nigori is a little bit low. The supernatant has a slightly matured taste. It is similar to the Jyudaijime that I drank the other day. It is quite sweet. I thought it might be due to the water since the brewery is located close to the brewery. I thought it might be because of the location of the brewery, but that was not possible. The honjozo and junmai daiginjos that I have had in the past were in the neat and dry category. Did they make them like this? When nigori ingredients are mixed in, a little dryness and astringency are added.
It was a great day to meet the locals at the event by chance. It was a great day to meet them. It was even more delicious with yellowtail 🐟🐟🍶. and the yellowtail 🐟 was even more delicious with it.
Kaga no Tsuki純米大吟醸 白鶴錦 袋しぼり 無濾過生酒純米大吟醸生酒袋吊り無濾過
Kaketsu Kaga-no-tsuki Junmai Daiginjo Hakutsuru-nishiki Fukuro Shiboribori Unfiltered Nama-shu This brewery is located in Komatsu City, Ishikawa Prefecture. The rice is polished to 50% Hakutsuru-Nishiki produced in Hyogo Prefecture. Fresh and gorgeous aroma, mellow rice flavor, A fresh and gorgeous aroma, mellow rice flavor, and a full and gentle aftertaste. #Japanese Sake
This time it is the full moon of Kaga-no-moon. The full moon was yesterday, but oh well 🌕. First, at room temperature. The top aroma is of moist bananas. It has a smooth mouthfeel, with a ripe banana aroma and a hint of cheese. The taste of rice is also very rich. If you let it warm up slightly and then take a breath, the alcohol will lose its edge and the moist sweetness of the rice will expand, making it delicious. I opened a bottle to pair it with an eel that arrived from Shiga, and it turned out to be a very good pairing. A mini-tasting was held at a passing sake shop. They were tasting Kaga no Tsuki and Shojo from Yoshino, Nara, on the same day! I was so excited to be able to drink both! Another customer who was there with me and I took turns saying to the waiter, "I want to try that one," and "I want to try that one, too," and we ended up having a "kaku-uchi" (corner drinking) session. In the end, we had all kinds of sake, and at the end, we both said "Thank you very much," and quietly parted, each holding a bottle of the sake we wanted to buy. It was a tasting time with a strange sense of solidarity. Thanks also to the waiter who told us to go ahead and have a drink 🙏.
Rafa papa
Good morning, Hirupeko 😃. Pairing eel with sake...I love it 🥰 I'm jealous 😭A-Unique breathing of a sake lover...that made me laugh 🤣 the waiter must have matched his breathing because he also loves sake 😌.
Hi Peco 🐦. Full moon on a full moon label, nice ✨and a sake to go with eel, nice 😊Even better if it tastes good warmed up! It would be nice to have someone to taste it with 🤭.
Hi Hirupeko-san, good evening...(*ˊ ˋ*) Nice meeting at the tasting. lol I envy you, eel & sake!
Kaga no Tsuki純米 半月純米
Kaketsu Kaga no Tsuki Junmai Hanzuki This brewery is located in Komatsu City, Ishikawa Prefecture. Gohyakumangoku" produced in Ishikawa and ordinary rice 65% polished rice. The subtle aroma, full-bodied flavor, and mild taste of the rice are all well balanced by the delicious taste of the rice. The flavor is mild and mild. It is delicious lukewarm! #Sake
This is my first post for the new year. I wish you all the best this year 🙇. This bottle has a beautiful label and was displayed at home 🧴. Ishikawa sake is really delicious ✨. There has been a lot of hard news since the new year and I really feel for those who have been affected by the disaster!
Kaga no Tsuki満月純米吟醸
Kaga no Tsuki Mangetsu Junmai Ginjo Kaketsu Soft, slight aroma. It seems to be a gentle sake, but as you drink it, the aftertaste becomes longer and stronger. It is not too strong, so it is good as a food sake. Delicious. Polishing ratio 50% (58% of the rice used) Alcohol content 15.5