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ばびIt's different from my taste and lineage. I usually don't drink much iso boast I can't consume this kind of drink at home I want to drink a little at a restaurant every once in a while. It's a refreshing and juicy food sake. 100% premium Yamadanishiki rice (new rice) produced in Tojo, Hyogo Prefecture Sake meter rating: +5~+7 Rice Polishing Ratio: Koji 55%, Kake 60 Acidity: 1.1 Polishing ratio: 43%~45% (average) Alcohol content: 15-16
ジェイ&ノビィHi Babi 😃 It's good to drink sake that you don't buy at home 🍶 at a bar 🤗 it tastes better when you drink it outside 😁 and you may be able to broaden your taste of drinking at home from there 😚.
ariccy45% polished rice of the same Tojo Tokujo Yamadanishiki The aroma is much more subdued than that of the previous one, and although it is of the vinegared iso type, it is not so bananas-like, and is comparatively fresh and gentle. The taste is mainly pure and clean rice flavor rather than banana. It has the same slightly alcoholic taste, but it is clear and easy to drink. Objectively, they are both good sake, but I don't like too much banana, so this one is definitely better for me personally.