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Shosetsu頒布会 吟ぎんが純米大吟醸
のちをA hanpukai of a liquor store in Saitama Prefecture. Delicious. It's refreshing yet full of flavor. It goes well with sashimi, tofu, kimchi, and everything else. It's also safe to use with curry. I mean, I liked it so much that I had to drink it on Sunday. I drank beer and other alcoholic beverages, am I an idiot? My daughter, who is a snowman guesser, was spoiled at the supermarket, so I bought it. I'm lucky that Dad's meal is now easier. His daughter is happy, too, so all is well. I like the fact that they are all one of a kind and come in a single package, because it makes them look silly. If you're going to sell fights, wouldn't fans be happier with a six-pack of all six kinds?
MantaGood evening, Nochi-san ^_^! Sake from Shizuoka will go perfectly with your meal ~ ✌️ But, it's just a little bit too much for curry. I mean, it was so good, I think I drank too much 😁. My daughter is a SixTONES fan!
のちをGood morning, Manta-san. It has been a long time since I have had Shizuoka sake. It was too delicious! So it is not my fault that I drank too much, but I think Shizuoka is to blame. I have a longing for Shizuoka because I live in a sea-less prefecture.
倍割りHonor Fuji. The rice is named after today's concert (coincidence). The clear mouthfeel is smooth with umami and spiciness in the mid-palate. Lingering spiciness, extended and slightly firm.
boukenAiya Festival 2024 Spring ⑨ Shozuki is the first time Shouetsu the first silver of the second month of the year ah no, no, no🎵 Shizuoka Shisuiwaka Aiyama🎵 Labels difficult to photograph💦. Rounded on the palate. It's gorgeous and sweet, but basically mild and more suited for eating than on its own. The first day I thought it was a bit too sweet, but I think it has a perfect balance of apple-like fruity sweetness and sake-like character. I heard there is also a draft of this, so I'd like to try it 😋.
あねさんAiyama❤️ I can tell from your impressions that it is extremely delicious 😋It's called Aiyama by Kaiun, and Shizuoka seems to have a high level of Aiyama sake, even if there are only a few varieties!
boukenAne-san Aiyamama❤ The direction of the flavor may be close to that of Kaiun's Aizan 🤔. I wonder if it's the influence of Shizuoka yeast? In Shizuoka, Garyubai and Aoi Tenshita also produce Aizan, so if you see it, please try it 🤗.
shinya.uGood aroma, good taste, and good balance. Sake rice "Omachi" (100%) The name comes from Yui Masayuki, a military scholar of the Edo period, who was born in Yui, Shimizu-ku, Shizuoka City.
Shosetsu別撰 PREMIUM 純米吟醸 山田錦 うすにごり 生酒純米吟醸生酒おりがらみ
abibutaJanuary 29, 2024 At Japanese Sake Satou in Matsuyama, Japan. I had a drink with my junior colleague who is into Sake recently. The second glass was Shoyuki Bessen Premium Light Nigori Nama Sake. PREMIUM Light Nigori Nama Sake. The second glass was Shoyuki Bessen PREMIUM Light Nigori Namaishu. The second glass was a Shoyuki Bessen PREMIUM Light Nigori Nama Sake. The second glass was a Shoyuki Bessen PREMIUM Light Nigori Nama Sake. It is creamy, silky, sweet and delicious. It is delicious with 6 sashimi. It was delicious with 6 pieces of sashimi. I enjoyed it with 6 sashimi.
Shosetsu別撰 プレミアム 純米吟醸 山田錦純米吟醸生酒
しんしんSYBeautiful green label🟢. This was another beautifully polished and tasty sake ﻦ. It's almost time for you to go! Let's see if we can get one more. a few words on the subject Rice used: Yamadanishiki Polishing ratio ... 50%. Sake degree ... +3.5 Acidity・・・1.1 Alcohol percentage・・・16 Yeast used: Shizuoka yeast