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Fujinishiki純米吟醸 美山錦生原酒 量り売り特別限定品
This is this month's quantity sake at the brewery. The freshness of Miyamanishiki and the gusto of nama sake combine perfectly. It has just the right amount of astringency and is delicious without being lingering, highly recommended.
Tonight is a limited edition Junmai Ginjo Nouveau. I drank this sake last February when I was camping with my junior colleagues, but I was not able to post it because I was not participating in the Sake-no-Wawa at that time. Fuji Nishiki holds a "Kurabiraki Nouveau" every year in March, which is sold exclusively at the brewery. However, due to the Corona disaster, the brewery has been closed for the past three years, so I have not been able to drink it. However, when the "Nouveau" was released and I tried it, I found a taste that I thought was the right one. I found the taste I was looking for. It is a slightly dry and tasty wine. I have big news for everyone! For the first time in four years, Fuji Nishiki will hold a "Fuji Nishiki Kurabiraki" (opening ceremony) on March 17 (Sunday)! Sunday, March 17, from 9:00 to 15:00. A shuttle bus will be available from Fujinomiya Station on the JR Minobu Line. Please check the website for details. We are looking forward to seeing you there!
Fujinishiki新酒しぼりたて原酒 純金箔入本醸造原酒
I celebrated the New Year with a bottle of Fuji Nishiki with gold leaf that I brought with me with an old friend and junior colleague. It was a bit dry, perhaps because it had a higher alcohol content (19%) than the sake I usually drink. Gold doesn't taste like gold It is a festive sake sold exclusively at Aeon Mall Fujinomiya at the end of the year.
somewhat dry (taste) Aroma of rice, thick attack. Slightly dry taste. It is easy to drink and has a good sharpness. At Izu-no-Hana, Higashi Izu. The name is surprising, but the brewer must be a graduate of Tokyo University of Agriculture. It has a nice flavor without any peculiarities.
Since it's Sake Day and I am in Shizuoka, I will be enjoying a glass of local sake and a magazine I found on 711 🍶. When I opened the bottle and poured it, I could smell the mellow aroma of rice. The Isojiman of yesterday was elegant, but this one has the strength of a sake. The mouthfeel is also very thumping, but it is surprisingly mellow and you can feel the plump sweetness of the rice. It gradually turns dry and tangy, and despite its aroma and mouthfeel, it has a smooth and crisp taste! The impression is that there is a strong sense of ups and downs 👍. After drinking highballs and other drinks at Machinaka, it is also nice to drink sake from a cup at a hotel 😌.