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Rice polishing ratio: 60 Alcohol content: 15% (original sake) This is a rare Fujioka Toji's Tenbi. I feel it is so clear sake that you can tell the body is happy. Now I want to drink spring Tenbi, Momoten...! 🌸 The pink package is already so pretty 🩷.
Tenbi純米吟醸 うすにごり 生原酒
The summer sake is starting to come out, so I tried the spring one first! It's hard to describe, but it has a round taste or fullness. It has a depth of flavor that I really like!
Tenbi純米吟醸 & 特別純米
The now rare F Toji's version of Shirouten and Kuroten❕. I opened a bottle that had been sitting in the fridge. The white has a refreshing sweetness, and the black has a delicious flavor that is not too strong. The white one has a refreshing sweetness, and the black one has a tart umami flavor. Both are too delicious!
Tenbi特別純米 黒
The aroma is slightly rummy and sweet. For a moment, I thought it might be a cemedine type. I thought it might be a cemedine type, but I guessed it was a rummy type. One sip and it was instantly delicious! I thought it was delicious. The aroma in the mouth is not so strong, but you can taste the flavor. There is no bitterness or sourness in the aftertaste. It has a very thin, chili-like aftertaste, but it is not slightly carbonated either. It has a nice sharp taste, so I think it will go down very well with drinks. Of course it goes well with food, but I think it would be better to enjoy it by itself after dinner!
Tenbi純米吟醸 うすにごり
Amami Junmai Ginjo Light Nigori This is the first bottle of Amami since Mr. Fujioka left the company. The moment you put it in your mouth, you will feel the chili, the overflowing sweetness, the fruitiness, and the rummy taste. It's still a delicious Momoten!
Tenbi純米吟醸 R4BY純米吟醸
Fujioka Toji's R4BY Hakutemi, which we had somehow not been able to open. Today, I was in the mood for a fruity sake, so I finally opened the bottle after 8 months of ice aging! The appearance is clear crystal with a slight gas bubble on the glass. The fruity ginjo aroma with hints of green apple, muscat, peach, etc. is refreshingly fragrant, and a veil of rice aroma with a hint of koshinko (rice powder) is on the nose. The mouthfeel is fresh. The attack of fruity sweetness and acidity, which gives the impression of apples and white grapes, is followed by a gentle gasiness. In the mid-palate, while the transparent flavor is fresh, the chili-like acidity spreads gently and lightly again with a gas swirling sensation, and the acidity passes through to the nose. The lingering finish is moderate and leaves a bitter astringent taste on the tongue. As the temperature range rises with each sip, the transparency and umami become more apparent, and the bitterness at the end of the sip also emerges, creating a fresh, fruity, bittersweet, mature taste. Delicious. ☺️ As a drinker, I drank sake with the hope of learning more and more about the rice, water, yeast, and koji mold that are essential to brewing sake, as well as the brewers who make it 🍶.
Hi Aladdin 😃 You have opened a precious Hakuten 😀. I have a bottle of Fujio Kuroten Hi-Nikki and I plan to compare the next Kuroten Hi-Nikki when I can get it😇. When I was drinking Hakuten, I was comparing it with my memory, so this is an actual drinking comparison 😀.
Hi Aladdin😄 I have the same sleeping in my house. I somehow lost track of when to drink it😅. It's still delicious, isn't it? It makes me look forward to drinking it even more 😋.
Hi Yasubey, 😃 I was also planning to compare it with the new Tenbi, but the summer sake is coming and considering the current condition of the fridge, I opened the bottle when I wanted to drink it before it aged too long since it was a R4.Sept. sake 🍶.
Hi, Takechi 😃. I too had lost track of when to open the bottle, so I remembered the adage "the time to drink is the time to open the bottle" and opened it to my heart's content 🍶. As it turns out, it was a great decision with a delicious sake that fits my taste 😊.
When you open the bottle, you'll find that it has a sweet aroma and a fruity taste, just like it says on the store's pop-up. Fruity flavor with a sweet aroma. It tasted like a more drinkable version of the Hakutemi that I had drunk before. The clerk and another customer were talking at the store where I bought it. The brewer said that since he quit, the sweetness has become less than before... I've only had the current Amami, so I wanted to compare it to the old one, but that's a dream that won't come true💦.
Lychee, rum, whey, and rice aromas. Slightly effervescent, gentle mouthfeel. Sweet and sour. Light with clean acidity and minerality. Good grapefruit-like bitterness. Serve with pickled cucumber, yose-tofu, sesame-dressed tomatoes, and fried chicken with scallion sauce.