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Koshinoyukitsubakiプレミアムキュベ 102 袋取り しずく酒
madamarr(まだまーThe sixth sake of the Sake-no-jin is Echino Yukitsubaki by Yukitsubaki Shuzo. After tasting it at the brewery, I decided to buy it immediately. It wasn't cheap (sweat), but I have to admit that it is still delicious, and the flavor spreads after the schwa. By the way, it seems that this brewery, Kamonishiki and F40's Masukagami are both breweries in Kamo city, and their atmosphere may be similar.... I visited the area around the brewery the other day, so I added some photos.
Koshinoyukitsubaki雪椿酵母仕込 限定原酒純米大吟醸
つきたてThe third bottle of March's Japanease Sake Subscription Service at my parents' house! This one is delicious too! But... I can't really tell the difference 😅 maybe a little mellower? But...I can't really tell the difference 😅 Maybe it's a little mellower? I'll just say "thanks for the sake" 🤣.
つよーだいGood evening 😆It doesn't matter if you can't tell the difference in detail, as long as it tastes good!
つきたてGood evening, Tsuyodai 😊. I know 👍. Delicious best!
Koshinoyukitsubaki特A山田錦 限定ボトル純米大吟醸
つきたてThe second bottle of March's Japanease Sake Subscription Service at my parents' house. It's delicious! But I can't tell the difference from the first bottle😅I think the original sake is a bit darker. Maybe this one is more dry? Okay, I'll try the next one 👍! Let's try the next one👍.
つきたてJapanease Sake Subscription Service at my parents' house, Echino Yukitsubaki for March. It's my first time, but I'm excited because it's always delicious. The sweet and tasty taste is mild to medium, but it's neat and delicious. It is a sake that can be enjoyed with food and sake, and it makes both food and sake go well together. Thank you again for this month's sake.
AiDzQeOjwyAs soon as you open the bottle, you will smell the nice aroma of malt. When you drink it, the sweetness of malt spreads slightly even though it is supposed to be dry. If you drink it slowly and a little at a time, you will enjoy its rich flavor.