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chieminSake Memorandum Karuizawa Camping🏕️ Comparison of Kanetsuru sake. Junmai Ginjo Nama Sake is my favorite!
Kintsuru風和 活性にごり酒純米にごり酒
寿梨庵I found a rare beer. I first quenched my thirst there and then had a related alcoholic beverage 😋. tOKi brewery is a craft brewery on Sado Island, and this KINTSURU BLONDE was brewed jointly with Kato Sake Brewery, which also brews Kintsuru on Sado Island. It seems that freshly steamed Gohyakumangoku from Kato Sake Brewery was brought to the brewery for use 🚚. I've been drinking a lot of IPAs and other stimulating beers lately, so it's been a while since I've had a round beer😌. It is fresh with citrus flavors, but still a refreshing beer made with rice. It was a beer that felt Japanese: 🇯🇵 The sake is an activated nigori sake from the Kaze-Yawaraka brand. I believe the rice used is Gohyakumangoku, so it may be the same rice as the beer✨. It doesn't blow but the fizz is strong (there is an air hole in the stopper) 🫧. But it's been a long time since brewed, so maybe it was more rambunctious 💥. The flavor is fresh and gradually spreads to the palate~! I found both wines to be of understated quality😊.
ラモント100% Koshitanrei from Sado Island. Ripe and fruity taste and aroma, but sharp and easy to pull off. Charming but with a solid core, it gives the impression of being No. 1 in the ranking of wives you would like to have as a wife. 4 Added at a later date ☆5