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Aizumusume穣 純米吟醸 羽黒西64純米吟醸
ヒロOutside Drinking. CRAFT SAKE WEEK East Star Day I thought "Haguro West 64" was sake rice (🌾), but it is the number of the company's rice field. Interesting to have the number of the rice field in the name 😆. The color is clear and transparent. Super micro carbonation on the palate 🫧. Taste is sweet. Creamy 🍦 sweetness, soft and full. The carbonation and sweetness are in perfect harmony, with the carbonation softening the persistence of the sweetness. I couldn't help but have another 😋. I'm glad I came across it as I might not have drunk it if it wasn't for the event: ☺️ I will visit the brewery someday.
T.KISOScoring ☆☆☆☆ Aizu Musume suddenly started handling in the neighborhood: 👸🏻 I bought it without any prior information about what kind of girl it was (laugh). Classical label It's very rare nowadays. Now, open the bottle🎉. Slightly smells like cooked rice Soft and smooth texture in the mouth This is typical of Fukushima sake and my favorite 💕. Soft and gentle sweetness and umami And also a gentle acidity that accompanies it. Beautiful and soft taste: ❣️ There is almost no bitterness. It tastes well balanced and somewhat comforting 😆. At worst, it could be called a weak sake, but unlike the light sake, the umami flavor remains in the mouth 👍. It is a sake that you will not get tired of drinking and can fully demonstrate its ability as a food sake 🍶. It seems to be best served lukewarm, but it's been so warm lately that I've emptied it out cold 😅. The third picture is the second image of the nighttime cherry blossoms 🌸📸.
たっく0103Good evening, T.KISO 🌸It's a magnificent nighttime cherry blossom 🍶It looks like you met quite a nice girl 🥰.
ジェイ&ノビィGood morning, T.KISO 😃. Aizu Musume! I had it last year on a trip to Aizu 😋 but I don't think I've ever seen it at a liquor store near me 🤔. Your photo 🥹 of the nighttime cherry blossoms is amazingly good 🥹!
遥瑛チチGood evening, T.KISO🌆. Aizu-musume looks delicious, but more than that, the cherry blossoms at night🌸 It makes me want to lay out a plastic sheet at the foot of the mountain and have a drink. ❗️
T.KISOGood evening, Takku0103! It was a nice encounter with both the cherry blossoms at night 🌸 and my daughter 😁.
T.KISOGood evening, Jay and Nobby! I thought it was spicy at first sip, but the flavor came slowly and gradually swamped me (lol). Thank you for the compliment on the photo📸🙇‍♀️I'm getting used to my iPhone today😊.
T.KISOGood evening, Haruei Chichi😄 Nice view, right? We didn't have much of a party because it was a Monday when we went there😅.
やすA bottle I happened to be able to buy at the liquor store last month✨. Stored at room temperature for about a month. I will drink it at room temperature as it is. At the entrance, the aroma of fresh fruitiness is surrounded by the aroma of thick and soft acidity. In the mouth, the soft acidity is accompanied by a soft deliciousness and elegant and moderate sweetness that spreads beautifully in the mouth. The finish is also soft and quiet with a hint of bitterness. Soft and gentle taste riding on this clarity at room temperature of simple junmai sake. This baby is amazing🍶. If it tastes this good at room temperature, it can definitely be chilled and definitely warmed up. So next time, I'll try it heated. I boiled it in a tin chirori, and while taking in the aroma, pulled it up close to 50 degrees Celsius, where the sweet aroma that rises slightly and the contoured acidity balance each other out. The aroma is fresh and fruity on the nose, but it is still fresh and fruity on the palate. In the mouth, the tight acidity and warm sweetness of rice spread in a wonderful balance in the mouth. It is definitely delicious heated as well. It is delicious both at room temperature and heated, and the fact that the aroma at room temperature does not change (does not disappear) even when heated makes it a reliable sake. It's delicious 🍶 Fukushima sake! The taste and quality ✨✨ is like 🍶Fukushima sake!