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雪の茅舎Yuki no Bosha
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Yuki no Bosha美酒の設計 純米吟醸 生原酒純米吟醸生酒
It's time for the last drink 🍶. What came out was a beautiful sake design raw. I drink it at least once every year! My best friend's favorite brand came out! The waitress told us it was on draft! The Shrimp Chili Gratin that was on the menu was not available! So instead, we had the Nan Pizza 🍕! You can taste the crunchy burdock root together! The grilled chicken skewers also go well with sake! We ended the evening with a glass of fresh sake! Let's take it easy for the next 10 days starting Friday! My son is coming back to Japan temporarily from the U.S. 🇺🇸, so we will have a family reunion 👪👶! I think I'll have a toast with the new sake I got the other day 🥂! knowledge Rice used: Yamadanishiki Polishing ratio: 55 ■Yeast used: Preserved in the brewery Sake degree: -- Acidity: -- Alcohol content: 16
Yuki no Bosha純米吟醸
I bought it at ANA mall because I was about to lose my mileage. I had been drinking low alcohol recently, so I was under the impression that it was very strong, but it is fruity and quite easy to drink.
Yuki no Bosha美酒の設計
Sweet, with a strong sweet aroma reminiscent of honey. In the mouth, the sweetness spreads as much as the aroma. The sweetness of cooked rice is doubled and the taste is reassuring. The bitterness that follows is a very thin bitterness, but the strong sweetness makes the bitterness easier to detect. But because it is so thin, it quickly fades away and you can enjoy the lingering sweetness of the sake. I think I would like to drink it while eating strong-flavored simmered dishes.
unadulterated sake Sweet and sour, easy to drink. The aftertaste is dry. It is easy to drink. The floral aroma is delicious. Slightly brown sugar-like sweetness. 86 points Sweetness: 2.8 Acidity: 3.3 Dryness:2.7 Hinted aroma: 2.8
Yuki no Bosha純米吟醸
It has been a very long time since I had it. It is a clean and well-balanced sake. It is indeed a representative of Akita. It went well not only with sashimi, but also with macaroni salad. Stable taste. Very tasty. ★★☆☆☆
Yuki no Bosha純米吟醸
Sweet and refreshing. Well balanced and very easy to drink. Akita sake is delicious. Of course, it goes well with crispy striped horse mackerel and walleye sashimi, and it also goes well with macaroni salad. It is perfect as a food sake.