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This is an eye-catching label that looks like a sports newspaper, and is a low-temperature-aged sake made from unpasteurized sake. We were surprised to see that it was a limited edition, so we bought it. It is light on the palate with a subtle ginjo aroma and rich acidity, and the fresh sweetness of the unpasteurized sake runs pleasantly over the tongue. This is a brand that will be consumed before the flavor changes.
Keisen純米吟醸 トンボラベル
It is clean and dry, and is a perfect food wine that does not interfere with meals. However, it also has a sweetness at the moment it enters the mouth and a bitter aftertaste.
K Katsuragawa" sake on the rocks, which I also acquired this year. I haven't come across many sake on the rocks, and they've changed my concept of sake in a big way! First, a glass by default. The mouthfeel is like a traditional "Kayugawa," with the rich sweetness and fullness of the mochi rice four-step brewing process. The sake itself is refreshing, so you can enjoy it in small sips! However, the sweetness and strength of the sake will take a lot out of your throat. Then ice is added. The sweetness is sharpened by cooling it down, and on the other hand, the flavor of mochi rice and the pungency of the brewed alcohol are more easily felt. This combination of sweet and spiciness on the surface makes it easier to drink, and in no time at all, the whole cup is gone! Above all, it is quite fun to drink it while adjusting the sweetness and lightness by the degree of melting! The aftertaste is smooth and goes on and on✨. I like the heated winter version, but the summer version is my personal favorite 👍.
It has the umami of koji (malted rice malt), the sweetness of rice, and a tangy, active taste on the tongue, which somehow leaves a sharp, pungent aftertaste. It is also good as a food sake.
Please forgive the sinful sake lover who opens the package even though he knows it is a weekday. It is a crisp, fruity and refreshing sake with a hint of activity and leesiness. Even at this hour on a's good enough for me! It will be tomorrow's "power water"!
Long time no see, Katsuragawa! This time it is a special label of Corona Disaster. The sweet and tasty quality of the glutinous rice & 4-stage brewing process is perfect for hot sake in cold weather✨. First, cold. The aroma and mouthfeel are clean and refreshing, as is typical of Gunma sake in honjozo. However, there is a softness and relaxed sweetness derived from glutinous rice in this refreshing taste. After a while, there is a hint of minerality. It disappears smoothly at the end. Personally, I think it is the opposite of "Akagisan," another Gunma honjozo sake👍. Next, hot sake. This is where Katsuragawa really shines! Standing aroma like freshly pounded rice cake. The mouthfeel is smooth, and the plump sweetness and umami spread out. The sweetness is less pronounced than when served cold, and the umami is slightly stronger. It is like biting into hot rice or rice cake, and the lingering aroma and aftertaste are just like when you open a pot of freshly cooked rice! 🍚 Hot Kayukawa is consistently delicious, but I'm looking forward to the on the rocks sake that will be available in the summer again this year 😌.
I heard that they use glutinous rice. The sweetness swells in your mouth, but it is not overpowering at all and disappears quickly. The alcohol content of 19 degrees is also good.
I bought it at Iwase sake shop in Gunma. It is a liquor store specializing in local sake in Gunma. It's a small liquor store that specializes in Gunma's local sake, and the variety is small, but the encounter rate with good sake is unusually high. You can't underestimate the amount of rare macho sake they have in stock. Sake doesn't sell -> they can't bottle it -> they can't fill the tanks -> they can't stock new sake. We talked about how many sake breweries are in trouble because of this. It's a sweet sake with a strong sense of the old-fashioned Gunma sake. It's good. We drink it straight with soda. And it is a nabe. It is a spicy miso preparation today. I'm thankful that sweet Chinese cabbage can be bought cheaply at the local market in this season.
Keisen純米大吟醸 舞風純米大吟醸
This sake is made with Maifu, a sake rice produced in Gunma Prefecture. We had this one hot! It has a nice aroma and a juicy, sweet and sour taste. #Sake #Japanese sake #Yanagisawa Sake Brewery #Katsuragawa ★★★★★★★☆☆☆
It has 16-17 degrees of alcohol content, but it is mild on the palate due to its sweet taste. It is made from Maikaze, an original sake brewing rice produced in Gunma Prefecture.