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hiroshi1958Home brewing, 16%, 58% polished rice, Production: March 2024, Sake rice grown under contract with the agricultural cooperative "Shirahagi" is highly polished and carefully fermented at low temperature for a long time during the severe cold season.
narWe had a sake tasting at a restaurant called Saseki in the Iwase area, a little north of Toyama Station 🍶. I'm glad I made it 15 minutes, I drank a lot!
Masuizumi寿 KOTOBUKI大吟醸生酒無濾過
あつManjusen Kotobuki ‼️ The mouthfeel is firm. At the same time, it has a mellow, fruity taste with a 35% ratio and a full body. Hokuriku! Toyama! I wish for the earliest possible restoration and recovery.
MasuizumiLIMITED EDITION 雄町純米吟醸生酒
ちゃんまやP[Favorite registration inevitable 😁]. I got the Omachi version of Mansyuusen LE Nama Sake which was amazingly delicious when I had it for the first time at the beginning of the year😙. Like the Yamadanishiki we had at the beginning of the year, it has a pleasant minty aroma and a slight effervescence 😊. The sweetness that comes from both sides of the mouth and the clean finish are similarly delicious and do not disappoint 🥰. The Yamadanishiki had a more crisp acidity in the aftertaste, but this one has a more robust umami, as is typical of Omachi. The overtone is somewhat grape-like. After two bottles in a row of such high quality, I'm going to put this one in my favorites list 😄. Now I want to buy the one that is not LIMITED 😍.
ジェイ&ノビィHi Chanmaya P 😃 I haven't had the chance to drink Manjusen yet 😅I'm still curious about the two consecutive highly rated ‼️ 😋I wish I could go to Hokuriku and drink it 😍.
ちゃんまやPJay & Nobby, in my mind Toyama was always Haneya, but I think Manjusen is very good too 😊. I haven't had as many kinds as Haneya yet, so I hope to buy many more in the future!