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YSTJJikin Junmai Ginjo Mie Yamadanishiki Nama. I finally got a bottle of this January's GUITO from IMADEYA's hanpukai. It has a mellow, banana-like heady aroma and a soft mouthfeel, with a slight gassy sensation as the sweetness and umami spread out with depth. Sharp acidity and moderate bitterness round out the finish. The sense of balance and perfection is superb!
Jikon純米吟醸 雄町 生純米吟醸生酒
naoIt was sweet and juicy, but had a nice sharpness, and was very tasty as a food sake. It gave the impression of being an Omachi.
Jikon純米吟醸 雄町 生純米吟醸生酒
しんしんSYI had just finished my bottle of Halcion and was about to pay the bill. As I was about to pay the bill, the manager of the restaurant, with whom I had exchanged business cards, offered me a drink of this if I wanted. Thank you very much. 🙇‍♀️ Tonight we enjoyed a variety of delicious sakes, but the last one was this Jikin! I must say, it was a fruity and delicious sake! Thank you for your continued support 🤲. extensive knowledge Rice : Omachi Rice polishing ratio : 50 Sake Degree : ±0 Acidity : 1.7 Alcohol content : 16
dorankdoragonFresh, sweet and fruity scent 🎵 Tastes clean and fruity✨ The sweet flavor is pushed to the forefront 😉. Finishes with spiciness and acidity ❗ This is delicious 😆.
Jikon純米吟醸 吉川山田錦純米吟醸
みきっきJikon" is a famous sake from Nabari, Mie Prefecture, brewed by Tadakatsu Onishi with a pure and strong spirit of "not being stuck in the past, not being stuck in the future, but just living the present moment to the fullest". The rice is polished to 50% daiginjo standard from Yamadanishiki, a special A district Yamadanishiki produced in Yoshikawa, Miki City, Hyogo Prefecture. Yamadanishiki is produced by farmers in a number of regions. The highest quality contract-cultivated Yamada-Nishiki is used for brewing. Rice used: Yamadanishiki from a special A district in Yoshikawa-cho, Miki City, Hyogo Prefecture Rice polishing ratio :50%. Sake meter: +1 Acidity: 1.6 Alcohol content: 16.1 Provenance: Mie Prefecture, KIYAMASA SAKE Brewery
Jikon千本錦 純米吟醸 火入れ純米吟醸
KanoFruity, typical of Jikin, slightly sweet and refreshing with sourness as you encourage drinking. It is delicious.
ma-ki-Hi Kano, good evening. Jikin is really delicious 😊. I'm sure you can smell it even better in a wine glass ✨.
Kanoma-ki-, you are right. It is delicious! It reminds me of sweet white wine.
Masaaki SapporoKano, good evening 🌙Congratulations on your 200 check-ins 🎉Senbon Nishiki's Jikin looks delicious 😋.
KanoMasaki Sapporo, thank you very much. I hadn't noticed that ʕ´- ᴥ-̥ `ʔ. I was lucky enough to drink it at a place I frequent. It was delicious!
Jikon特別純米 火入特別純米
umAlcohol content: 16 Yamada Nishiki Rice polishing ratio: 60 At a corner bar in Ginza, Tokyo. It was served in a wine glass. The aroma was fruity, and I felt that the aroma was more pronounced in a wine glass than in an inokuchi (cup). The taste was like a stable Jikin, with a very good balance of acidity, sweetness, and umami. The waitress explained about sake by comparing it to champagne. The restaurant was also very crowded with tourists from overseas.