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Sohomare生酛仕込 純米吟醸純米吟醸生酛
しんしんSYThe organizers prepared and served delicious sake from Ichikai-machi, Tochigi Prefecture, for my former teacher! I also had a glass of sake! It tasted different from the sake made by Tonoike Sake Brewery! Everyone was drinking it and saying how delicious it was! The two types of sake I brought with me were also very popular! We enjoyed reminiscing with sake lovers over a cup of sake. It was a mammoth school with over 300 students per year, but tonight 87 alumni and 3 former teachers gathered to reminisce about the Showa Era. I hear they are planning a class reunion in the fall. I wonder if I will come again! Bring some sake 🍶! extensive knowledge Rice: Special A Yamadanishiki Rice polishing ratio:55 Alcohol Content: 15 degrees Celsius Sake degree: +3~+4
ことりI got it from you, local sake 🤗. Mature taste, delicate and clear. Slightly apricot and honey, very slightly spicy and smoky with a hint of Western wine, softly al after swallowing. It is light and dry, with a unique acidity of the sake yeast...a gentle sweetness and umami...enjoy the changes in flavor as the exhaled air wavers and the drink goes on. The third picture: I made a strap charm with the cord that closes this sake.
コタローNice to meet you, Kotori 🌙 As usual, your review is very detailed and beautifully expressed ✨I'm always curious about the sake you drink 🤭. And you are very good at making charms. ‼️ I love the Japanese feeling that matches the atmosphere of the label🌸.
ジェイ&ノビィGood evening, Kotori 😃. Really! Your review is great, it's like reading a poem 🤗. And the Kotori charm ‼️ is nice 😊It looks like it would go well with my happi 😆.
ことりKotaro-san Nice to meet you and thank you for your comment 🥹I don't know anything difficult about sake, but my reviews are based on my senses... I'm embarrassed to say 🤭Charm is on YouTube sir 😉 Please keep in touch!
ことりJay & Nobby konnichiwa😊poem means 🫣hazkashi~ Kochira I was lucky to get a slightly more expensive one ✌🏻 local sake tends to be on the back burner but I'm also interested in Toku Jun and Jun Dai from the Namahashi series 🤭Kotori charm & Na no happi🤣.
Sohomare夢ささら 生酛仕込 特別純米特別純米生酛
のりたまIt's been a long time since I've posted. It has a great flavor, acidity, and a melon-like fruity feeling. It's refreshing and delicious.
ジェイ&ノビィGood evening, Noritama 😃. It's been a long time 🤗Welcome back along with Soyo Honor😊.
のりたまHi Jaynoby, Good evening - it's been a while. I will be posting again in bits and pieces😊.
よっしーThe 20th bottle 🍶 of home drinking in 2024. This is the first time I drank Souhyo from Tochigi Prefecture. The taste is rather robust and mellow, I think. It's a brand that I usually don't choose to buy myself, so it was a valuable encounter 😋.
湘南の漢It's getting warmer, I wanted to drink it warmed up, so I went to Souhyo for the first time. I was told that the brewing method has changed to "Namahashime" this season. I started with a cold sake. Sourness and sweetness of rice mixed together. It goes in easier than expected. It is good even if it is served cold. Then we warmed it up. It is best served lukewarm or at room temperature, It is best served lukewarm to room temperature. It is easy to drink with a meal and tastes great.
サンスケspecial junmai, made from the oldest sake yeast Slightly dry, slightly weak (rice), slightly weak attack, sharp, light bitterness, somewhat simple, no depth despite the sake's natural origins, mellow sake but more like a saké
Sohomare生酛仕込 純米70 生原酒純米生酛原酒生酒
函館 地元家
しんしんSYThis restaurant has a wide variety of dishes on the menu. There are quite a few Chinese dishes, so I ordered Bean Curd with Bean Paste! A little different from Fukurokuju's Bean Curd! Not too spicy! It goes well with sake! Let's have another order here! Not the same one, but a brand I'm interested in, Souhomare for the first time! There are many Tochigi sake that I am interested in! Starting with my favorite, Houou Mita. Compared to the two starting brands, this one has a fruity, apple- and pear-like flavor. It is a fruity sake with a hint of apple pear. It makes a strong statement. It is one of my favorite sakes! If you find this brand again, let's drink it again. This sake is made in Ichikai-cho, Haga-gun, Tochigi Prefecture. We used to play a baseball game against Ichikai Junior High School. I was a member of the Moka Junior High School baseball team! We have a junior high school reunion at the end of April, so I'll have to arrange the schedule somehow! extensive knowledge Rice used: Yamadanishiki (Hyogo Prefecture, special A district) Rice polishing ratio 70%. Degree of alcohol content 17
きまぐれoldest surviving traditional style of sake making It's very "Kimoto Kimoto". But it is not heavy and light. Fermentation is strong. No unpleasant yogurt. Not too sweet. The aftertaste is sour and pungent. 85 points Sweetness: 2.3 Acidity: 3.3 Dryness:3 Hinted aroma: 2.3
もふりーとWell, now that I've finished my work, I'll be drinking sake again today. I haven't had a lot of sake lately, so I guess it's been a while since I've posted. I visited SAKARAKU in Takadanobaba. First, I had Souhyo New Junmai Sake. It has a great umami and full-bodied flavor, but it quickly mellows out and the acidity and aroma spread easily. Wow, it is very interesting.