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Soooooooooooo good. Sweet aroma and soft mouthfeel, flows in as much as you want. IWC 2023 Daiginjo Trophy Sake. Ono Sake Brewery's 160th Anniversary Storehouse Opening: Dawn Festival in the village of Takonome on May 11 and 12. DJ played music and local restaurants opened stalls. The weather was beautiful and the crowd was quite large. Local junior high school students are helping out and their guilt is hidden. The tasting tickets (10 tickets for 1500 yen) are very economical, and they pour the wine into the glass. The extra 600 yen for this daiginjo is well worth it. It is so cheap. We also had a tour of the brewery and were told about the extraordinary attention to detail. After all, pre-dawn tastes good.
夜明け前澄上 純米純米
Rice polishing ratio 55%, 12% alc. Sweet with a melon-like aroma. There is a slight sourness, but little bitterness. The low alcohol content makes it easy to drink, but it seems a little thin.
This is also at a nearby bar. This is the first restaurant. It's cloudy, mellow, not so sweet, and has a fruity feel.
This year's Junmai from Yamaye Nishiki. I wondered how it would do last year, but this year it was flying right from the start! I was worried that this was the third year that the rice had dropped off. I was worried that the rice had dropped off after the third year, as all the other breweries were the same except for one. Was it the efforts of the brewers, or did the rice pick up, or both? The improvement of the breed is only possible if it continues to the third generation. Last year, too, the autumn harvest was a masterpiece. I look forward to seeing more.
Hankyu Umeda Main Store, 9th Traveling SAKE (8) Before dawn, bouken-san asked a nice question and got out the story that the founder of Yodobashi Camera was a brewer 😁. Special Honjozo Tatsunogin This is a Ginjo-style Honjozo made with Yamada-Nishiki. Fruity and delicious, it's like it's not a honjozo. It is like a fake Ginjo-shu from Tatsuno-cho. Junmai Ginjo Kinmon Nishiki Light acidity makes it easy to drink. Junmai Kinuhana Dry but not too dry, easy to drink. It does not interfere with meals. Junmai Ginjo Nama Ippon Shizuku Gatari Nama-shu. The aroma is fruity and deliciously sweet. It has a fruity aroma and is deliciously sweet and tasty, and it has a refreshing finish. Junmai Ginjo Nama Ippon It is delicious all the way through from umami to umami. Daiginjo IWC Highest Trophy Winner 2023 Wow, it's so good! It's so perfect that I think it's perfect. The price is not good. Junmai Daiginjo Yamadanishiki This is also delicious! I think it's perfect. This class of sake is wonderful. Daiginjo Seikan Brewing It is delicious, but it also has a strong sake flavor at the end. When I wore a Tenzan T-shirt, I was asked if I was wearing a T-shirt of Nanada's company. I was told, "Are you from Nanada's place? We often get together at events and it seems we are good friends.
Good evening, Neemuchi-san. So that's how they sell alcohol at Yodobashi! That's also clear 😆. You two are industry people in many places🤣.
Hi Pon, ☀Hello Pon, the legendary warehouse owner before dawn was the founder of Yodobashi, so he came all out to the warehouse to ask us to carry his products 😄I wish I could remember his face to hear this kind of story 😁.
Light type>Fruity type Rice used: 60% Yamadanishiki from Hyogo Prefecture, Polishing ratio: 60 It has a dry, clean taste with a faint pineapple-like aroma in the back, which will become more fruity as the rice polishing progresses. It is crisp and dry, so foods that are designed to mask (neutralize) the spiciness, such as white-meat sashimi, may be a good match for it. When heated, the spiciness is reduced and it becomes easier to drink 🍶. Thank you for the delicious sake 😊.
The moment you put it on your tongue, the alcohol feeling runs through you. But there's no cloying taste in that spiciness. The simple salt makes the cup go down the drain. It may be rather spicy, but the spiciness is mild. It is a wonder that the spiciness is mild and yet the sake-like character is not forgotten.