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There is no description, but it seems to be R4BY. The color is light. When warmed up, it has a mild flavor with a slight burnt taste, but it is crisp and clean. Ishikawa Touji's Tsuki no I does not expand so much even when heated, giving the impression of being crisp and refreshing.
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Today is the birthday of Tsuki no I's 8th generation brewer, Mr. Sakamoto, the executive director of Tsuki no I. That's why we opened a bottle of Tsuki no I! Honjozo super dry sake Chiyonishiki 65% polished rice At 21.7 degrees alcohol by volume, it is a sake that is typical of Ishikawa Touji, a sake that hits the very edge of its range. The aroma is classic. Just a sip and the amino acids spread to the palate. Slight sweetness and plenty of umami. The aftertaste is dry and you can drink it one after another. Bite into a piece of Nara-zuke while sipping. Happy Birthday!
月の井純米 にごり酒純米にごり酒
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The second drink for my wife's birthday was a nigori sake from Tsuki no I, a local sake. I thought it would be a light nigori, but it was a nigori sake with some grains of rice remaining. It was like doburoku, which surprised my wife a little 👀‼️ I was surprised twice when I drank it, wondering if it was sweet because of the impression of amazake (sweet sake) 😨. The sake itself tasted sharp, clean and dry, and the rice grains gave off the sweetness and umami of the rice itself, making it a sake that could be enjoyed twice. It was a perfect match for the dark flavor of the chicken grilled with miso that we had just ordered. The best match for the grilled chicken with miso.
Good morning, Kuri the woodsman 😃. Happy birthday to your wife 🎂🎉Happy birthday to your wife 🎂🎉It's nice to have a celebratory dinner out with local sake 🍶🤗I think many people enjoy the sake that they wouldn't buy at home with strong flavored snacks 😋.
Good morning, Jay & Nobby! I often buy light nigori sake, but it's hard for me to find a sake that is similar to doburoku, so I was surprised at how refreshing it was when I tried it. I'm sure you'll discover new things about sake that you don't usually drink. I'm sure you'll enjoy it 😀 😀
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Calm orange aroma From the moist mouthfeel Good sweetness spreads from the moist mouthfeel. The acidity is moderate. Alcoholic banana aroma comes out from the nose and the alcohol aroma of banana From there, the taste is elegant and delicious. ⭕️ And powerful sharpness of the original sake. ⭕️ High quality and perfection. ‼️ Body warms up! Fully fermented, sake made using the traditional "Namahashidashi" method of sake brewing. The team of Naohiko Sakamoto, the managing director of the brewery, who has made a major reform of the brewery together with Tatsuya Ishikawa, the toji, values "sake that is given by God" more than "sake that is a work of art created by man". From the 2020 brewing year, Tatsuya Ishikawa, known as the "Godzilla of the sake brewing world" and "Sake Moai," was invited as Totoji, and the brewery shifted its focus from sake that was popular with everyone to sake with a unique character that is unique to Tsuki no I. The staff of the headquarters of the Japan Famous Sake Brewers' Association were involved in the original Ver. Alcohol content: 20 Sake degree: +15 Acidity: 2.8 Rice used: Dewa Tsanzan Rice polishing ratio: 60