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ラル大佐Next is Yonesuru! At first glance, this bottle looks like an ordinary Junmai Dry Taste, but we hear that a certain sake shop in Sendai ordered this bottle by special order, and when the bottle is opened normally, almost half of the contents will be blown out. It is called Sengokuya Special! To open the bottle, it takes about 10 minutes to gradually release the gas using a Senmaikiri. The mouthfeel is excellent, with a slight sweetness and acidity from the gasiness of the sizzling gas. It also has a firm umami that is typical of junmai (pure rice). The acidity and bitterness at the end are well balanced, and the sake cup never stops drinking. In no time at all, the bottle was empty. The price was 2800 yen for a bottle, but that is too cheap. Thank you very much for the sake!
HeroyuiPurchased at a roadside station in Iide Town. Ginjo aroma with a fine alcohol taste. It is light, dry, and smooth. It has a good acidity in the aftertaste. It is easy to drink.
Yonetsuru雪女神 磨き50純米大吟醸
やすModest at the entrance. Gentle acidity on the nose. In the mouth, the umami of rice slightly expands on the slightly sharp and dry but gentle acidity. The finish is refreshing, with the gentle, dry acidity coming through again. Although it is called "super-harsh," you can also taste the umami in the middle part of the sake, which is to my liking. Yonetsuru is delicious ✨. This one was a good food sake.
Yonetsuru亀粋 磨き40 純米大吟醸
くま吉Using a sake rice I've never heard of called "Kame-iki." I wonder if this sake rice is related to Kame-no-o. Drink it cold. The sake has a strong richness despite the high rice polishing ratio (40%). The aftertaste is clean, clear, and delicious. It goes down smoothly.
HeroyuiPurchased at the Yamagata Antenna Shop in Ginza. It has a slightly sweet and sour rice aroma with a sharp taste. The taste is light and neutral. It is sweet and spicy with a refreshing acidity. It is perfect for drinking after a bath on a hot day. It is a junmai sake for summer that would be suitable for fireflies. I paired it with a bowl of rice topped with seafood, but it seems to go well with just about anything.
sakepowerIt's fire-roasted but has a slight sourness and freshness 🍶✨😊😊. The aftertaste is refreshing. ‼️ Great as a food sake: 👍🏻 I heard that Kameiki is the only sake rice that Yonezuru has.