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さなDIt is not sake, This was delicious. ‼️ It is a blend of Kasagi's yuzu juice and "Onnajojo" ginjo sake. It is so thick and sweet that you would think it was juice, but you don't feel much alcohol. It has a nice aroma and the bitterness of the yuzu makes it refreshing and easy to drink. Not bad!
やす☆Next up was Onnajojo. As is typical of Aruzoe, it is clear, light, and crisp. As expected, it is too pale when drunk from the flat sake cup on the right side of the third photo. After that, I drank some Isobeki and got tipsy in the morning and tried to drink rokuroku for the first time in my life (4th photo). It was a rare experience 😅.
TosI got this one from the same Iwamura sake brewery. This one is refreshing and easy to drink! It feels like it goes down your throat without a hint of discomfort. Degree of preference ★★★★☆
TosWe had it at a sake brewery in Iwamura. It was delicious to have it freshly made onsite. They also served dried taro with sake lees as an accompaniment. Degree of liking ★★★☆☆☆☆☆
yasu145Limited brewed sake using rare Kame-no-o variety. Purchased at a local supermarket. The color is slightly brown. The aroma is softly sweet, and the mouthfeel It has a light sweetness and umami flavor. The aftertaste is refreshing.
女城主Ninja 生貯蔵・原酒特別本醸造
つっつんI bought this sake for drinking at home at Iwamura Brewery during the National Yamashiro Summit in Ena and the Iwamura Castle Thanksgiving Festival, which I posted about the other day. It is a limited edition sake, and I am weak against limited editions. It has a dry and sharp taste with 19% alcohol by volume, which is different from the usual "Mejojo" sake.
じゅんさんIsn't there a bit of an aftertaste again? And, and, and, the female lord of the castle that came out. Dry Junmai. Stronger and drier than before. Rice (Polishing ratio) Gifu Hidahomare (60%) Yeast used - Alcohol 15~16 degrees Sake degree +10 Acidity 1.3
女城主3/4ー5 蔵開き限定特別純米特別純米原酒生酒荒走り
nitoSamurai Japan won against Korea. We won! I was worried about what would happen after the first goal was scored, but in the end, the lineup exploded for a convincing win. I was worried about what would happen when they scored the first run, but in the end, they won handily. I was so happy that Takahashi of the Dragons, my favorite team, held them in check. 🍻🍻. The sake I was watching while drinking was a limited edition sake from Onnajojo, which was recently unveiled at the brewery. It is a slightly dry sake with a light nigori (slight nigori) taste, but it has a slight aroma. It is delicious. It is delicious. I hope the celebration continues while watching the WBC. 🎶
酒屋 巡(Please don't be sorry if it doesn't look any different. I'm having a hard time asking for a photo.) I heard it's all about the sake... I want to drink the sake I want to drink... I want to drink the sake I want to drink... (The popular Fujii difference.) I found myself staying a little too long. Well, well, you know, if you keep getting no shonen (´; omega; decision) jidainano desuyo! Dongstop✕2 I love you, you're so cute! It's just a drink... (Unlike the Hollywood actor who got on the plane a few minutes ago.) Oh no, I sang in a tavern... Since each sake bottle holds 2 cups of sake, we have 2 kinds of sake for 4 cups. Gifu's sake. A sake that can be drunk like water even though it is lukewarm. Slightly sour sourness, slightly sour but strong astringent sourness........ I'm out of, it's a stuffy nose! Sake is delicious. It's the water of life, isn't it? Whiskeybabe...haaaaay! (Turn the globe) We're in Scotland! ...No, I'm drinking sake now... I'm drinking alone, so there's no one to pick on me or laugh at me. My eyes... my eyes... they itch!