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Yamatoya zennaiしぼりたて新酒純米原酒生酒
のちをI was called to work in Tokyo. I don't like cities. The National Diet building is beautiful with gingko trees in full color. I was surprised that it didn't smell like ginkgo. It is as expected. I went to a restaurant whose name I remember for the first time in a long time. There are a lot of gingko nuts, so I chose the ones I don't think I would buy by myself. Oh, it's full and sweet. It has a nice sharpness👍It has a nice Fukushima feel to it.
Yamatoya zennai純米生詰純米生詰酒
LUCFER1.8L 2750 yen Alcohol content 15% Koji rice: 60% Gohyakumangoku from Kitakata Kake rice: 60% Chiyonishiki from Aizu Sake degree -2 Acidity: 1.4 Purchased yesterday at an authorized sake shop in Misawa City. There is a bit of dryness from the rice, but the acidity is a bit stronger. It finishes with a firm kick.
Yamatoya zennai特別純米ひやおろし
hoshiakiSpecial Junmai🍶Akiagari🍁Ho no Kaori🌾Yume no Kaori🌾Omachi🌾. Moderate acidity. Pear-like aroma🍐. Spiciness is sharp. Can be enjoyed slowly and leisurely. It has a calm feeling. If it is called white grape, it is not without 🤔. It goes well with salt ramen! The menu says, "Three types of junmai sake pressed last year are aged for a year and blended together to create this one-year-aged Akiaagari. It has a ripe, juicy sweetness reminiscent of pears and white grapes, and has a very nice sharpness with a mild aftertaste." Aizu/Kitakata Ramen Aizuna @ Jujo 20230914
Yamatoya zennai特別純米特別純米
ちょびんThis is my first brand of sake: ❗️ A blend of Yumeko, Fukunoka and Omachi ‼️ I can't imagine what it tastes like🤔. No aroma, gentle taste but you can feel the richness as it passes down your throat❗️ It has no particular quirks and has a cohesive taste. I enjoyed drinking it 😊.
Yamatoya zennai特別純米 雄町特別純米
下戸助Alcoholic Beverage 15%. Rice, Rice Koji Omachi produced in Okayama Prefecture Sake degree +3 Rice polishing ratio 55 The aroma is reminiscent of pears, the acidity is not that strong, and the sake is well-balanced with a juicy mouthfeel.
Yamatoya zennai純米生原酒純米原酒生酒
n.t021209Kitakata City, Fukushima Prefecture. Mine no Yuki Sake Brewery. *We drank at Japanese Izakaya Nakamaru. Japanese Izakaya Nakamaru 050-5890-7247 1-5-16 Nihonbashi Ningyocho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo