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Ooyama◯嘉大山 Yoshi原酒生酒生詰酒無濾過
puchiThe brewery came to the liquor store I usually go to for a tasting and I was able to purchase it there 😆. It's not often you get a chance like this so I'm glad 💕. I'm very happy to have found this sake since the number of stores that carry it seems to be quite limited 😌. This is the first bottle of the 4 types of sake I purchased 🍶. This one is on sale today! The alcohol content is 13 degrees, which is low for sake. It has a nice sweetness and is very easy to drink👍 Dangerous sake to drink too much if you are not careful 😎.
maruDrinking at home. Very tasteful. I bought a packet and it was the same sake I bought the other day lol.
Ooyama○嘉大山 Yoshi 生詰 14度無濾過原酒原酒生詰酒無濾過
かっぷくIt has been a long time since I bought a bottle of Xuka Daisen Yoshi, and I know what it tastes like. I have never seen this brand anywhere other than my local liquor store, but it is reasonably priced and I buy it whenever I am in doubt. It is a fresh-brewed sake, so it doesn't have the shwashiness that I like, but it is mild, slightly rich, and a little spicy. If I had to say, I would say that I prefer Xuka Daisen Taka because it is more fruity and sweeter. After opening the bottle, the sweetness seems to increase as the day goes by, so drink it slowly.
Ooyama「大山 ひやおろし 特別純米」特別純米生酒ひやおろし
Msu37sunKura-oi: Limited edition freshly-packed product with a mushroom label. The tasteful and gorgeous are in harmony, and the subtle ginjo aroma is pleasant. This sake is from a famous brewery in Tsuruoka, Tohoku called "Konada". The sake is "Daisen, the sake of love." Sake of Love Ai-no-shu" is a sake that creates harmony between people and sake, and between people and people. Sake, which gives joy to our lives, is a treasure of mankind.
オールドスポルトThe moment you drink it, you will feel its deliciousness. It has a full and graceful ginjo aroma, juicy, fresh, mellow, and soft flavor, These words are true. I am now eating firefly squid with vinegared miso and boiled spinach, a perfect marriage. Aged sake that makes the snacks even more delicious. It makes me want to eat sushi and sashimi.