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寿梨庵I'm going to try to match the motsukko from Nagai Shokudo that I bought the other day in Gunma with the Sei🍶 from the same Shibukawa City. But the Sei Sake Brewery is located in the former Kitatachibana Village. It is quite far away... This is a special junmai made with wakamizu. Wakamizu is familiar to me from my beloved Gunma Izumi 🌾. Slightly effervescent, fresh✨. It has fruitiness like grapes and apples, with a handsome sweet and sour taste that makes you swoon. A little herbal, grassy nuance too 🌿. Nice and sharp, with a touch of astringency at the end 😋. At first I was not sure about this 😣..., But it went surprisingly well with this stew 👍 By the way, when I passed by Nagai Shokudo on Saturday, there was a line of about 50 people or more... The diner is closed on Sundays, and the take-out counter is open only during the day (vending machines are available at night). Even so, the parking lot was full and there was a line for take-out... No, it's very popular 😵...
ヒラッチョNagai Shokudo, as expected, is very popular👍. I think that Akagisan or Gunma Izumi would probably be better suited to the stewed beef, but I am glad to hear that this special junmai was surprisingly suited to the dish.
寿梨庵Good evening, Mr. Hiraccio 🌙 It's been a while since I've been to Saint, and I chose it because of the Shibukawa connection. As you pointed out, it has a modern structure, which surprised me a bit, but it was not a bad match 😊.
HijiriHizirizm 酒母活性酒
みつた24I caught it at a liquor store where I looked in for another drink. After seeing a post by someone who had already had a drink, I was ready for a 15-minute fight, but..., But he was too rambunctious and it took more than 30 minutes. My wife took over from halfway through. The long-awaited opening of the bottle. First, my wife tasted it. She said it was sparkling peach juice. I tried it too. Is it common to muddy sake? It has a bitter aroma. It is indeed sparkling peach juice. The acidity stands out among the fizz and sweetness. This is good. My wife was surprised at how rice, yeast, and water could produce this. I was also surprised.
でこいSweet, refreshing and delicious. It was Mitsuya Cider. Perfect for hot days, Easy to drink anyway🍶. Gohyakumangoku x Hitomebore x White malted rice Polishing ratio 50%. 15% alcohol by volume
Hijiri試験醸造 純米大吟醸生酒
うっち〜の超〜りっぱ# Nezu # W high/river/ouchi It is a limited edition sake brewed with Gohyakumangoku x Hitomebore x White Koji. It is a limited edition sake brewed with Ihyakumangoku x Hitomebore x White Koji, It is fruity and mellow, with a touch of acidity, It is fruity and mellow, with a touch of acidity and a freshness that spreads on the palate. It is a sake that makes you feel early summer.
HijiriHizirizm 山田錦純米
b.bridgeA bottle recommended by a liquor store. The aroma is fresh and fruity, like apples and pears. After the initial fruity sweetness, the rice flavor comes through with a strong punch. It goes very well with Japanese dishes with strong flavors and goes down very smoothly.
Hijiri山田錦 純米吟醸 生酒純米吟醸原酒生酒無濾過
ShinkazuFrom the ginjo aroma before drinking, it tastes fresh and dry on the palate. It is a delicious wine that goes well with all kinds of food. If I had to guess, I would say meat-based dishes. When I drank it, it was a combination of sakadaki and kaki no tane, so I would like to hear the opinions of those who drank it with proper dishes.
ariccyGohyakumangoku grown under contract in Kitatachibana-cho, Shibukawa City Fruity and refreshing aroma with apple and citrus acidity The taste is juicy, sweet and delicious. Tastes like apple juice The acidity of the orange and the slight bitterness of the peel add to the drink, making it very drinkable and tasty with a refreshing aftertaste. It is a delicious sake that combines the rich flavor of Gohyakumangoku with the crispness typical of Gohyakumangoku.
HijiriHizirizm 酒母活性酒 2023.4純米生酒発泡
キラタソTonight, I'm going to start drinking as usual since I have no special plans for GW 😅 I want to drink something fizzy and shwashy, so here it is 💁. Saint Hizirizm Sake Mother Active Sake 2023.4 🫧🫧🫧🫧🫧🫧🫧. I forgot to take a picture of the production date on the cap the last time I drank it last July, so I have no idea if the vintage or lot is different from this one, but I'm posting it 🙌 Well, as always, I had to keep the bottle very cold to open it, but I struggled for less than 10 minutes 💣 successfully opened the bottle 😌. When I opened the bottle, I was greeted with fresh aroma of pear, melon, and lactic acid, which almost made me drool 😅😅 When I poured the cup, I was greeted with cloudy creamy white and shwashy water, and when I took a sip, the sweet and sour yogurt-calpis sour was fully opened and it was really delicious 😋😋😋😋😋. It has a long aftertaste and makes me happy 😆.
えりりんKira-taso-san konban-ha (o´ omega`o)n~~~ This is a delicious one.... I couldn't buy it because of bad timing 🥺. Let's go and see if they still have it 🤔
キラタソ@Eirin. Yes, it was definitely the one 😊 but looking at the production date on the cap, it looks like this year's one is about to be released, so I'll be buying a repeat when it comes out 🙌
Hijiri純米吟醸 山田錦純米吟醸
やままるIt has a slight carbonation and a lot of spiciness to stimulate the throat, which is good. Of course, it is sweet and delicious.
うなろーIt is delicious! Melon flavor, wasanbon, elegant rice flavor, and a hint of terroir. It is a little sweet, so there are different tastes, but even though I like light and dry tastes, I would like to repeat this one. Perhaps a slightly sweeter sake would be more suitable for this spring season.