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ぴざ小僧Sea urchin and squid rice bowl, with bonito sashimi. Sake that goes well with yuzu kosho (I think) It has a relatively refreshing sweet taste, with a dry, sweet aftertaste. It's not overly sweet from start to finish, so it has a refreshing feeling like a summer sake, and it's easy to drink even in the summer!
DokiMoAnother brand of Tosa Shiragiku. It has a refreshing taste like Shiragiku, but the aftertaste is more crisp. The finish is more powerful than Shiragiku's dry taste, Zanshin, which is typical of Tosa sake. The balance of freshness, acidity and sharpness is wonderful. It will be on repeat. 1,700 Yen for a 4-pack bottle.
まっくThis sake was recommended to me at Hasegawa Sake Shop Tokyo as a sake that is easy to drink even for friends who are beginners. It has a dignified fruitiness and acidity, and a dense, thick sweetness that melds with the fruitiness and acidity, but it escapes nicely and has a refreshing mellow sweet taste. It is certainly easy to drink.
ya2008Simple package. The taste is light and easy to drink. It doesn't take away from the flavor of the food, so I'd love to drink it with some katsuo no tataki!
Mishio純米吟醸 吟の夢純米吟醸
中華香房 凛道
たきふみAte Raw hijiki tofu rolled with yuba in vegetarian style It has a slightly tart and sweet taste. If you like sweet sake, you may be addicted to it. There is a gap between the crispy texture of the yuba roll and the light flavor.
Mishio純米吟醸 きたしずく 2018
さかな🐟This is a jacketed brand that I bought at the Kochi Prefecture antenna shop. I wondered how it would taste, so I bought's good, but it's light. The direction of the taste is good. It's OK to go that way, but what? Did you dilute it? It's a waste of time. (This is just my personal opinion.) At best, it's easy to drink. It's so easy to drink, you'll be drunk before you know it! Recommended for beginners! But if you've been drinking it for a while, you'll probably end up feeling inadequate. In that sense, I would like to try other labels from the same brewery. In terms of the atmosphere of this label (is it aiming to be accepted by young people and girls?) It's possible that they are trying to make it easier to drink. However, if this is the first contact, it's my fault for choosing this one in the first place. The year of manufacture is also 2019/9... I didn't check well enough. I think I might have preferred the standard Shiragiku. Rumor has it that it's better to let it sit for a few days after opening, so I'll give it a try.