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秋田県山本郡八峰町八森字 八森269
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T.KISOScoring☆☆☆☆ Yamamoto's Wainin ❣️ It seems to be Waiin because it uses Chardonnay wine yeast 😁. The brewing method is as described on the back label. (God willing (lol)) Aroma like white wine and rice aroma of sake Feels like neither wine nor sake😅 It's both the wine-like acidity of Chardonnay and the plump acidity of Sake... Beautiful gentle acidity (not like Yamamoto in a way?) And the sharpness is just like The Yamamoto ‼️ Kire-kire 😁👍 Cheese🧀 would go well with it, but I don't have cheese🧀💦. The third one is the first ramen in a long time 🍜! There are shrimp miso and natto miso, I ordered the Nanban Ramen 🍜. The spicy taste is delicious 😆.
ワカ太T.KISO, good evening 😃I drank this Yamamoto's Japanese rhyme: ⁉️ It really has a mysterious finish: ‼️ I also had cheese if I was drinking at home. The orange peel chocolate went really well with it too❤️
えりりんT.KISO konbanha(o´o)no~~ I'm curious~👀 I haven't had Yamamoto for a while and I have plenty of cheese so I'm dashing to Fukuroiya 😁.
ジェイ&ノビィGood evening, T.KISO 😃. I see! Is it a Japanese rhyme with wine🍷 yeast 🤔I kind of like the sound of this 😌 Japanese style wine liquor! We like the taste 🤗I'll get it with cheese 🧀 when I see it 👍
T.KISOGood evening, Mr. Wakata😄. It was a strange taste! I had some cheese 🧀 in the back of the fridge so I matched it 😋💕.
T.KISOErin, good evening 😄. Dasshoo in Fukuroiya 🏃‍♀️💨‼️ I hope you have it 💕︎
T.KISOGood evening, Jay & Nobby😄. I like the sound and the letter 🎶. Japanese rhyme ❣️ I strongly recommend you to buy the cheese 🧀 set 😋💕.
ほにほにI love Yamamoto-san! I bought two bottles by mistake, but that's just as charming 😅The mouthfeel is clean, but you can also taste the sweetness. I don't feel the acidity that much...but the aftertaste is very smooth! Definitely delicious!
お酒を飲むあちゃ。Yamamoto Sunshine Yellow Junmai Ginjo Yamamoto Shuzoten Alcoholicity 15, Sake degree +4, Acidity 2.3, Rice polishing 55 Physical condition: ○ Opening date unknown Hana-yellow It is said to be brewed under the theme of fresh Yamahai to be drunk chilled... Wait, is this Yamahai? No way! It's like that. The acidity is low, and it's kind of balanced! No bubbles. No peculiarity. I wanted to drink it warmed, but the fact that the brewery recommends chilling it makes me wonder if it's not so good when chilled...? I personally think it lacks a little bit of the "Yamahai" feeling when drunk as Yamahai. I thought so! If I had to say, is it clear? Dry? I guess it gives a clear or dry impression? I wonder if it gives a different impression if you drink it on a hot summer day, when it's still very cold.
ララの酒Slight carbonation, orangey citrus juiciness, clean and light mouthfeel, and a crisp acidity at the end. A beautiful sake with a clean dry taste, I enjoyed it with sashimi. 😋 Akita's NEXT5, I finally fully enjoyed all of them! They are all beautiful sake and I can't wait to see how they evolve in the future. ☺️🐈️🐈️
ジェイ&ノビィGood evening, Lara's Sake 😃. Yamamoto Pure Black! I looked back and I haven't had a drink since we drank out 2 years ago 🥲. This review made me want to drink it for the first time in a long time 🤗 but too many of those things 😆.
ララの酒J&N, good evening. 🐈️ It was my first time and it was delicious, refreshing and similar to J&N's favorite Senkou. I always refer to J&N's sake reviews as well! 🐈️
chikaraxyzLight acidity on the palate. Slightly sour strawberry, followed by a sweeter mouthfeel. Delicious.
Yamamoto和韻 純米吟醸 (ワイン酵母×清酒酵母)
Uokusa (魚草)
ペンギンブルーI'm talking with my drinking buddies, so here are a few notes. Not much aroma. The citrusy, fruity acidity is impressive. The texture is refreshing, Lightly full-bodied, but with a hint of rice flavor. Light, but assertive. Good balance. Ueno Uoso
Yamamoto純米吟醸 和韻
MisakiAt an event at a certain liquor store. Sake made with wine yeast and Akita yeast. Recently, Pray for Noto by Kangiku and Yumesa by Houou Mita have impressed me even more ✨. The mouthfeel is smooth and just beautiful. The alcohol content is 14%, making it easy to drink.
Yamamoto和韻 純米吟醸
しょうA limited edition sake made with wine yeast. It has a mild, unctuous aroma and taste with wine-like astringency and acidity.
Yamamoto和韻 わいん純米吟醸
酒楽 掬正
ワカ太Kikuyoko stand, the third one is Yamamoto. This is Yamamoto's Japanese Rhyme. He explained that he used a wine yeast for Chardonnay that he obtained overseas, and that he had a hard time making it. Wine yeast does not produce ginjo aroma, so it tends to be just sour, he said, When we tasted the fruit of the brewer's efforts, we found that it had a sourness unique to wine yeast and was quite distinctive. But it is easy to drink and refreshing. ❣️ It is still a Japanese sake, as it is more of a Junmai Ginjo than a white wine 😆. The person I was with brought a lot of snacks (3rd picture) and Kikuyoko stand was a corner 😅 friendly people and we had a good time interacting 👍.
miThe taste of the first kiss! Yamamoto of the "first kiss"! Even if you don't recognize the strawberry taste, the light acidity makes it very easy to drink!
kojickAfter a long holiday weekend, it's hard to switch to work mode and get motivated 😩. It's hard to switch to work mode after a long holiday weekend and I don't have the energy to do it. The label on the back of the bottle says it relieves fatigue. I opened a bottle! The aroma is a bit like 🍓, isn't it? I imagined it tasted like strawberry from the naming. but it tastes more like lemon. Sourness ⚡ After the sweet and sour taste made my mouth water After the sweet and sour taste, a little bit of alcohol lingers. It went well with fried chicken.
ひるぺこHi Kojick! I'm not in the mood to work after the holidays 😩I didn't know Yamamoto's Strawberry Red was not only delicious, but also had an anti-fatigue effect! I'm also curious about the 🍓 rather than 🍋-like sourness 😊.
kojickHi Hirupeco 😊 I think it tastes even better if you drink it cold on a hot day. I think it tastes even better! By the way, it also seems to be effective for beauty: ☝️