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アーロンHanpukai products from Kagataya, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo: ❗️ The aroma is more grain-like than fruit-like 🌾. The mouthfeel is very smooth, and the flavor spreads softly and gently. ‼️ The mellow flavor that quickly appears on the palate, and the acidity that curves in like a beautiful curve, is doing a great job 🤤. The aftertaste is crisp and dry, with a tangy bitterness that lingers in the mouth 😋. Hidakami is all about fish and shellfish! It's the best pairing 🐟 delicious!
PivoThere are many delicious sakes in Miyagi, but Hidakami is one of the best. The pleasant spiciness is irresistible!
Hidakami純米 渡船2号、山田穂
酒肴 あうん
ロビンSince there were two different types of hikakami in the bottle, we decided to compare them 😁. Both are made with Watafune No. 2 and Yamadaho, the parent of Yamada-Nishiki, and I tried to see if I could tell the difference in taste 💦 even though I have no sense of taste. Watafune No.2 It seems to be the paternal side of Yamada Nishiki ❗️ It tastes sweet and easy to drink. The taste is similar to Yamadanishiki, the aroma is like muscat that comes after drinking, sweet but refreshing. I like it. 🤤 Yamadaho It seems to be the mother of Yamada Nishiki: ❗️ I thought it might be close to Yamadanishiki because of the similar name, but it is a little dry and sweet, but less than Watafune No.2, it has a good acidity and is refreshing, and the fruity aroma comes after drinking too, maybe a banana type aroma? Both of them are parents of Yamada-Nishiki, so they both have their own characteristics and are very tasty. If blended, it could be a Yamadanishiki style 🤣.
Hidakami純米 秋あがり純米
みきっきJunmai sake released in the spring is fire-aged once and then released in the fall after the summer has passed. This sake has a different umami taste from the fresh, unpasteurized sake. This mild sake is perfect for long autumn nights. It is of course delicious cold, but at room temperature or lukewarm, the gentle intoxication will relax your body. The taste is soft and mellow on the palate. It has a firm umami flavor and a broad range of flavors. It is very well-balanced, and the richness and flavor gradually spread to the palate. At room temperature or warmed, you can enjoy the sweetness and softness of sake even more. Rice: Yamadanishiki, Polishing ratio: 60 Yeast: Miyagi yeast Alcohol level: 16-17 Sake meter: +1, Acidity: 1.6
Hidakami純辛60 低温貯蔵純米
Le Sourire
ぎゃばん☆☆☆☆☆ If you're going to do it with fish, it's Hidakami! Is this the first label I've seen? I'm worried about my taste buds since I'm pairing it with pickles, but it seems to have some sweetness to it. I'm not sure if it has a sweetness to it, but I'm not sure if it has a dryness to it because it's so refreshing. Hidakami is delicious!