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本老の松Motooi no Matsu
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Motooi no Matsu

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Motooi no Matsu純米吟醸
Opened on January 12, 2022 Purchased at the brewery Fruity sourness and sweetness❗️Hassaku, grapefruit❗️ This is the first time I've tasted this beer. I'm sure you'll enjoy it.
Motooi no Matsu特別純米
Shinano is Nagano, and the sake of Shinonoi is savored. The taste is refreshing, but has a nice flavor that makes your mouth happy. After opening the package, I felt the flavor gradually increased. It may be that the flavour comes out more when it is warmed. It was a neat, cool and delicious sake.
Motooi no Matsu純米山廃
Honro no Matsu Koi Yamahai Jikomi Junmai Sake 15 degrees 65% 720ml 1213yen I forgot where I bought this sake, but it was the first sake I drank in Nagano. The first sip of the bottle. It is juicy. Unlike the impression of the name, the acidity stands out. The true nature of this acidity is "Nagano R Yeast". It is a yeast that expands malic acid. It is said that 901 yeast is blended with it to make it sharp. Recently, I've hit a lot of good Yamahai, and this is also my favorite. The denseness unique to Yamahai is matched very well by the yeast. The taste is thick but clear. I checked the rice and it is made from Miyamanishiki. Most of their products are brewed with Miyamanishiki. And the price is amazing, 720ml 1213yen including tax! I thought they were brewing a serious sake with much more sake power than those who just make sour sake with a premium strategy. This sake is mostly consumed in Nagano Prefecture, but in Tokyo it is sold at Okahoshoten in Shinjuku. But when I looked at the Okahoshoten's website, I found that it was closed? I heard it will reopen next year. By the way, the three brothers of the brewery are YouTubers, but there are only 25 registered users. I was confused about the border between 4 and 5, but I gave it a 5 because of the overall rating. Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆ 20210916
Honro no Matsu 59 Sake 2019 Midway Test Theme "Midway" brewed with Nagano C yeast and Shinko sake "545". Its taste is 59 sake with outstanding 3K (sweetness, elegance, and small style). ◎Nagano Prefecture's Shinkoushu No.545 (Yamae Nishiki) 100% used. Polishing ratio 59%. Sake Meter: -6 ◎Alcohol Content 15
Motooi no Matsu純米吟醸
Motooi no Matsu純米吟醸
こちらも「59醸」のお酒ですが、こちらの蔵は日本酒度−4で、お米の甘みがしっかり。 ゴージャスとうたっていますが、むしろ華やかで繊細な味わいが印象的。それぞれの蔵の極上があって楽しいです。