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Hokusho純米吟醸 実りの北翔純米吟醸
Goes well with Osechi. It has a refreshing taste and is good to drink with fish paste.
Junmai Ginjo 55% polished rice al15 degrees Purchased for home use at Shokurakuen in Omotesando I've been drinking this sake before April 2017, when I started using the app to record the label image and the date I drank it, so for a while I've been uniformly using 2017/04/01 as the date I drank it.
We drank at Izakaya Ginza in Hokusho, Niigata. It is a sake from the Niigata Murakami Daiyoshori sake brewery 殆. It came out as a regular evening drink set. I'm sure you'll enjoy it. ❗️ The second drink is Koshi no Kanbai White Label Sorry, no label! The first drink was a draft beer. A full bottle of sake with 3 dishes It's 1980 yen. Niigata is the best!
Hokusho Usu Nigori Honsei With a clean and refreshing mouthfeel Fresh and crisp from start to finish, yet It is fresh and clean from start to finish, but has a delicious flavor and no peculiarities. You can drink it everyday like water. === Ingredients: Rice (Niigata Prefecture), Rice malt (Niigata Prefecture), Brewing alcohol Raw Rice:Gohyakumangoku Rice polishing ratio: 55 Alcohol content: 15 degrees Sake meter:+2.0 Acidity: 1.0 720ml 1,155yen === ★★☆☆☆
"Junmai Ginjo Hokusho Raw Rice: 5 million gokujin 15% alcohol by volume. Rice polishing ratio 55%. Sake meter value +5.0 Acidity 1.3 Amino acidity 1.6 Yeast used: Niigata yeast It is an all-Niigata pure rice ginjo sake made with local "Gohyakumangoku" rice, polished to 55% and brewed with Miomotegawa river water and yeast developed by the Niigata Brewery Research Institute. I had it cold, but... The aroma is subdued and light in flavor, with a nice balance of mild rice flavor and pure rice sourness. It has a mild and crisp quality, but has a round taste, a crisp finish and a dry aftertaste, with a gentle taste typical of Junmai sake. It is recommended as a mid-meal or evening drink because it has little peculiarity and does not get old, and it complements the food. You can enjoy it cold, room temperature or lukewarm 🤗