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びびずGinrei-Gassan Junmai Daiginjo. Today, Bibi's wife's band is practicing for a GW event, so Bibi's wife, who is not attending the GW event, took the day off. So, it was late, but it was a White Day drinking party. Ginrei-Gassan was a refreshing and tasty sake. Tonight, we enjoyed assorted tempura, grilled swordfish, and beef tendon curry.
あきーらOn the last day of my business trip, I visited the Yamagata Sake Museum in Zao. I hadn't tasted Gassan since I received a bottle of it as a gift from my hometown. The aroma seems sweet, but when you drink it, it is not so sweet. But when you drink it, it is not so sweet, and the bitterness is also suppressed. The lingering aftertaste makes it easy to drink. I was a little surprised because it was a little more robust when it was bottled in a tobin. I was a little surprised.
Harapekopeko33Realizing that I had inadvertently run out of sake, I went to a local supermarket to pick some up while shopping for dinner. It tastes gentle and mild when drunk alone, with a clear taste. (It doesn't mean it is thin 🎶) I feel it gives me a gentle feeling. ☺️ It is not too assertive and quite good with a meal.
HeroyuiPurchased at Yamagata Antenna Shop in Ginza, Tokyo. It has been a long time since I last saw Ginrei-Gassan. Nice alcohol aroma and ginjo flavor. Nice blend. Smoothness that is typical of nama-shu. It is light and dry, but has a full-bodied sweetness in the aftertaste.
Ginreigassan大吟醸 雪女神
YasuSakeA bottle that had been sitting in the fridge, Ginrei-Gassan Yuki-No-Minami☺ from Gassan Shuzo. I will have it, thinking that I drank a bottle of Yuki-Megami (Japanese cherry) last week as well. The aroma is not strong and slightly sweet. It has a soft sweetness in the mouth, but is it spicy? No sourness, no bitterness? I thought it would finish quickly, but the aftertaste is quite rice-like. 🍚. Compared to the Sakura, the same Yuki-No-Kami has a different impression. I felt this one would be more enjoyable as a slow food sake 😃.