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tomoさんKumamoto Off-line Meeting Report ⑬ Off-line meeting is finally in the last stage! We didn't have much to choose from the all-you-can-drink menu, so we ordered four drinks at once at the end. The first one was Shikishima Tokubetsu Junmai Unfiltered Nama Sake Dewa Sanzan My image of Dewasanzu was a gorgeous, clean, sweet and fruity sake, but... This Shikishima was generally hard 😅. It seemed like the impression would change if the temperature was raised.
Shikishima純米吟醸 夢山水純米吟醸
デルタAichi Prefecture Shikishima Yumesansui Junmai Ginjo Rice used: 100% Yumesansui Polishing ratio 50%. Alcohol percentage 16 Aroma: Pear and muscat aroma. The hint of aroma is similar, but there is a dusty, filtered smell. The taste is clean and clear with a moderate fruity note, and the aftertaste is sharp and dry with a noticeable alcohol taste and bitterness. It is better to drink it at room temperature than cold. The taste seems to settle down after about 10 days after opening the bottle. Although it has a sense of transparency, the depth of the flavor seems cluttered. Not my favorite.
蕎麦と酒 縁
Meer メールDewa Butterfly Senior's Birthday Soba and Sake in a stylish space Shikishima with Dewa Chouzu Just about to open the bottle Good slightly piquant taste just opened The taste is well-balanced and honorable. And yet it is an elegant sake with a modern style. A sip on an empty stomach a sip after a meal with soy sauce It's interesting to see the change in expression.
Shikishima季節限定酒 冬椿純米原酒生酒無濾過
Rafa papaShikishima Seasonal Sake Fuyatsubaki I had high hopes for this first sake, but... It turned out to be a disappointment 😓. From the aroma, it smells like grain. My wife says it smells like dust 🥲. The moment I put it in my mouth... Sourness with a hint of grain... Pungent... unpleasant bitterness 😰. No gassiness at all The store's description and the review of Sake no Wa... Grapefruit-like... Well balanced acidity, umami, bitterness... A touch of gassiness... I couldn't feel it at all 😭 I think the storage conditions in the store were bad... 🙄.
マナチーRafa, if you drink this much, you might get a hazing 🤣Don't be shy ‼️
MantaHello Rafa ^_^ There are a lot of good drinks out there, sometimes 🥲. But it would be shocking if that was due to bad storage conditions 😭.
ヤスベェHi Rafa papa 😀 It seems like you usually meet only good drinks, but I guess sometimes it happens 😨. I'm not sure if it's safe to drink in such a state 🤣.
ポンちゃんRafa, good evening 🦉. It happens very occasionally 😭It's really sad when the image is not good because of bad storage 😢I hope you can override it by drinking out or something 🙏.
Rafa papaGood morning, Manachy 😃. As you said, if you drink this much, it's no wonder that you might get a hail mary 🥲 forget it and look for the next drink 😊.
Rafa papaGood morning Manta 😃 I don't know if the storage conditions were actually bad, but if they were, I feel sorry for the sake brewery that works so hard to make sake 😓I hope they will be responsible when handling it 😁.
Rafa papaGood morning Yasbay 😃. You can tell if you have a passion for alcohol when you see the store 😊I bought it in Shiga...I thought it was a good store 😅
Rafa papaGood morning, Pon-chan 😃 I don't want to have a bad image of Shikishima so I would like to drink it if I have a chance to drink it outside 😊I might have the same impression when I drink it... 🤣
Shikishima夏めく 2021BY純米
キラタソTonight, I've already laid it down for 2 years & I'm opening it out of season😅. Shikishima Summery 2021BY✨ It's been hibernating deep in the fridge, but since it's fire-aged, I thought it was okay and opened the bottle. You can enjoy the characteristic muscat, melon-like ginjo aroma of Yamada-Nishiki, the soft sweetness of the rice in the first sip, and the dryness and crispness of Shikishima's characteristic high alcohol (this one is relatively low at 16%). It is good as a mealtime sake or lukewarmly heated. If you drink a lot, you will get drunk quickly, but it is delicious.
Shikishima夢山水 特別純米
まこりたんSlightly effervescent Sake rice called Yumesansui, which I have never heard of before After a while, I started to taste a sourness similar to Yamahai
Shikishima出羽燦々 特別純米特別純米原酒生酒無濾過
ShinkazuFresh, juicy and sweet at first. The flavor is also beautifully expressed and has depth. The acidity is well balanced and the sake is beautifully crisp after drinking. A good sake with a high level of quality.
べっさんP.S. I was not able to get a drink. He had two more drinks. My companion pointed out that I had taken them on my company phone when I thought I didn't remember or record them. My memory is suspect when I'm drunk these days.
hoshiakiUnfiltered raw sake 🍶Seasonal sake Fuyatsubaki 🌺Gohyakumangoku 🌾. A little medicinal. Sweet. Dry. Maybe a little bitter 🤔. When combined with asari zosui (rice porridge with scallions), the unpleasantness is reduced and the umami is enhanced. The new snack, chives with egg is also delicious 😋. Umi to @Takadanobaba 20240111
hydeA drink after seeing the best live concert in Nagoya. It tastes different.