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どぶろく黒 どぶ
Preferred rice for sake brewing designated by Yamagata Prefecture Dewa no Sato Rice polishing ratio 70%. Yeast: Association No.10 Sake degree -20 Acidity around 2.0 Alcohol 12 Fire-roasted dobroku Even though it is quite sloppy Clear? It's a little sour. It has acidity. Not too sweet. It is delicious. I'd like to drink it fresh next time.
どぶろく吟どぶ 発泡
A warning sign says "Doubutsuroku like a raging horse"! 🐎 I thought it would be surprisingly easy to open, but when I turned the bottle over a couple of times to mix the mash, it started blowing up all at once, so I had to carefully open and close the cap for about 20 minutes🤔. In the middle of the day, I wanted to drink it as soon as possible, so I stuck my chopsticks in and mixed it up😅. It's sludgy but with a gentle sweetness that's surprisingly refreshing. I'm sure you'll agree that it's a great way to start your day!
どぶろく香り 吟どぶ
As soon as I turned the cap, the bubbles started to poof up. Suppressing my desire to drink it quickly, I slowly opened the bottle and carefully turned the top and bottom of the bottle over and over to mix it! It's a sweet sludge! It's a great wine!